Planescape Torment: I’m in the money!

eye(This is a continuing series detailing my playthrough of Planescape Torment.  You can check out the whole run on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

My money crisis in Planescape Torment is over.  One screen to the left has a marketplace where various vendors were more than happy to offload the crap I’ve been hauling in my quite limited inventory.  My gold reservoir went from 250 to 1600 in one fell swoop.  I’m rich, rich I tells ya!

What to do with my newfound wealth?  Go back and buy my eye, of course!  I jaunt back to the Smouldering Corpse and purchase my 15-year-old plucked eye for 500 gold.  There’s a sentence I haven’t written in my life so far.  I guess my character has a high pain threshold, for he pulled out the newer eye, put in the older one, and it took without a single session of Lasik.  As my reward, I got a few fragmented flashbacks and some permanent ability score increases.  Nice!

Now on to some questing!  I met a guy whose whole purpose in life is to continually mourn the passing of a long-lost city, but he’s despairing the fact that he and his fellow criers will eventually die and the memory of the city will die with them.  So I say something like, “Dude, haven’t you heard of gravestones?” and go pay to get one carved for the city.  Well, the guy in charge of doing it says hes “burying a name” and it apparently makes my character feel uncomfortable, but what doesn’t in this town?  That’s enough to satisfy the crier, and I get 1000 XP out of the deal.

A Tiefling named Annah points me toward the Alley of Dangerous angles to find Pharod, although I know a couple things.  I think Annah might be a future party member, although her dialogue options don’t give me any way of inviting her, and I know that she’s trying to lead me to my doom here.  But no matter, back to the alley I go!

This is a small map that’s dominated by two rival gangs.  Yup, it’s the hoary old RPG trope of two warring gangs that you must choose between, although there’s a slight twist.  While each gang will ask you to assassinate the other’s leader, there’s a weird guy named Blackrose who wants you to kill both for “balance.”  What I did, however, was to kill off one gang, then take a contract against Blackrose instead.  I got a mess of gold out of it all, so I feel good about how things turned out.  Plus, Dak’kan is a fighting powerhouse, so encounters have gotten easier.

Flush with even more cash, I return to Fell, the tattoo dealer, and check out his stock.  It’s here that I buy the first “gear” I’ve gotten in the game (apart from my eye): three tattoos, boosting my hit points, armor class, and strength.  I notice that some of the tattoos are new and related to quests I just finished — that’s kind of cool.  I guess more unlock over the course of the game.

If it seems that I’m being pokey in seeking Pharod out, I am.  This is the period of the early game where you’re expected to get your city legs, stock up on goods, do a few quests and gain a few levels, and generally toughen up.  The way the maps are laid out enforce this, since you have to pass through a couple anyway to get to Pharod and there’s a lot to see and do on the way.

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