Planescape Torment: Severed arm diplomacy

pt1(This is a continuing series detailing my playthrough of Planescape Torment.  You can check out the whole run on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

Before I venture back into the Warrens of Thought, I had to check out all of the side crypts that litter the catacombs.  After crawling through a  sunken room, I find a body that’s been hording an arm — mine, as it turns out.  How many body parts have I left strewn all over this world?  Are they collector’s items?  Do I grow new ones back or just keep grafting on replacements?

I take back what I said about the pointlessness of going into the Dead Nations.  Getting the ability to speak to corpses has unlocked a couple of quests so far, and I can see it being particularly useful moving on.  A deader named Chad tasked me with killing a few skeleton bats while another corpse told me where a treasure was that a guy in the buried village tasked me with finding.  RIP, dudes!

Down in the Warrens of Thought, I’m faced with waves of wererats.  As previously mentioned, they’re immune to standard damage.  Dak’kon is able to hurt them, and eventually I figure out that if I use my severed arm as a club, its magical properties can do damage too.  I feel so manly beating people up with my leftover body parts, I do.

A doorway opens to the cranium rat collective, where the Many-as-One gives me a quest to kill the Silent King.  I’m a little conflicted about this; the rats have been trying to kill me and they locked me up, plus the dead fellows have been pretty nice to me.  Then again, XP and UNTOLD RICHES.

The one nice thing about taking Many-as-One’s quest is that it turns all of the wererats and rats neutral to you, so I was able to explore the rest of the warrens in peace.  I ran back to the Dead Nations to suss out how I was going to see the Silent King.  When I got there, nobody was forthcoming with help, and after a little (just a little) outside research, I found out that either I had to (a) have or make my charisma 16 to convince a zombie to open a portal for me, (b) pickpocket the high priest as a thief, or (c) kill everything and steal the key.  Well… you guys were super-nice to me and all, but you’re already dead and this is a game and… and…DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

Once everything was dead (a second time), I went into the halls of the Silent King and found out why the guy is so silent.

sientTurns out he’s beyond dead.  He’s just a husk that they’ve propped up.  Awesome.  I don’t really know what to make of this, but I take off his skull because RPGs mean “loot everything and don’t sweat desecrating the dead.”  It’s just the way of things.

Yeah, I feel a little bad about how things went down in dead town, but my mood picks up when I return to Many-as-One and get a huge chunk of XP, some of my lost memories (namely, me fighting a guy wrapped in chains), and a level.  I’m in a good place.  It’s time to go into the Drowned Nations, get Pharod’s ball-thingey, and blow this dump.


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