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Hitchhiking back into RIFT

hitchWell here’s something I wasn’t expecting: I downloaded RIFT and rolled a new character this past weekend.  By my blog records, I exited the game back in late February and hadn’t felt the pull to return.  It wasn’t a bad break-up, just time apart to recharge batteries and see if there would be any future interest.  If not, that would be ok.  If so, that’s fine as well.

Even with all of the F2P hullabaloo, I wasn’t going to head back there, but once it happened I started to feel like I was missing out on a party in a place I used to frequent all of the time.  Then a friend invited me to her guild, and that was that.  Re-download.

Even if it’s been just a little over three months since I’ve last been in RIFT, so much has changed.  F2P has created a strange, day-one environment where there are scads of people running around, full servers, and chat logs busy with all sorts of basic questions (and, y’know, comparisons to World of Warcraft.  I actually made a game: I wouldn’t take a breath until someone mentioned WoW in general chat.  I didn’t die for the half-hour I played.).

Another big change is the store.  From what I can tell, RIFT’s model is pretty generous to completely free folks.  It doesn’t penalize players for not subbing or paying (upon a cursory glance, the only restrictions I saw were three bag slots instead of five and two character slots).  The store is absolutely massive to compensate, and I can see Trion going for the carrot instead of the stick with it.  There are lockboxes, mounts, pets, outfits (oh boy are there outfits), bags, boosts, the whole nine yards.  I need to do more checking into it, because I’m not quite sure how much advantage paying players get here.  I suspect that it might be a little more than other F2P offerings, although my worry is that it crosses the “pay to win” barrier.

What I was pleased to discover is that, due to my past subscriptions, I had accrued 20,000 store credits and dozens of additional item rewards due to loyalty tiers.  Seriously, I had to buy a few additional bags from the store just to hold all of this stuff upon logging in.  Not that I’m complaining.  I even got a cool beachside dimension from the get-go.

So I rolled a mage and started on a new journey with no great ambition.  I’m just there to see the world and have fun, as long as that lasts.  Another big change I saw off the bat was the streamlining of the tutorial (which takes less than half the time it used to) and quest flow in the starting zone.  It also seems like I’m leveling a LOT faster than I used to, although with the mentoring system, I can stay at-level for a zone as long as I’m there if I wish.  I forgot how much I liked that.

Who knows where this will lead, if anywhere, but right now I’m glad my curiosity prompted the return.  RIFT’s always been a good game and I hope that F2P grows the population and extends the title’s lifespan so that it gets the attention it deserves.

6 thoughts on “Hitchhiking back into RIFT

  1. Mrs Bhagpuss has been busy in Telara for the entire weekend. She’s spending her 20k on Dimension stuff and she’s deep in a building project. I don’t think she has any intention of ever adventuring in Rift again and neither do I, really, but the lure of all that free stuff is just to strong to resist. I’ve had a quick look and now I’m going to going and spend some of the free money.

    The idea of starting a completely new character is quite tempting though. I can’t summon up any enthusiasm for the Storm Legion lands but Old Telara with a full population might be interesting. While that lasts.

  2. Hi Syo, trying out the F2P here too. Former kin mate recommended it. I’m a LOTRO player (5 years.) Been quite the transition so far. Trying to translate skills, stats, class types and crafti.g from LOTRO to Rift terms. I’m in shock at how many people are in the low level zone. Rift encounters in the world are fun. The skirmishes (I forget the rift term) got completely insane the first time: porting all over the place and other people joining the group automatically. Was doing my best to keep up.
    I’m having fun and still asking other people tons of question.
    -Flosiin, captain on Windfola lotro server.

  3. I was lured back by the Raptr promotion and then the F2P conversion. I really enjoyed RIFT in the past and I wanted to enjoy it again, but maybe I’ve been spoiled by the total ease of leveling in games like WoW and SW:TOR. I’m finding the climb from 50 to 60 in RIFT to be borderline unbearable. I know it is still nothing compared to the “old days” of MMO’s and maybe I AM just spoiled. But I’m really having a hard time sticking with it, even though I find the underlying gameplay to be generally enjoyable. Anyone else feeling that way or is it really just me?

  4. I tried getting back into it myself, after being a hardcore raider through Hammerknell. I just couldn’t stomach doing more dailies over and over and decided i had enough. I long for the day dailies are eliminated from the face of MMO earth.

  5. My road back to RIFT: I reinstalled the game and tried to log in, I got a request for my Rift Authenticator code. I took my phone and… uh-oh, well, I have a new phone now, so no authenticator installer.

    I looked for support at, and found no phone number, and no e-mail address. To send them a message you need to be logged in, something you can’t do either if you have a “lost” authenticator.

    Ok, no worries, there is the live chat. I joined live chat and saw a message saying I’m number 240 in queue, and it woul dake 2:30 minutes to get an agent with me, ok, I’ll wait. 5 minutes later it says it’s 2:10 minutes… hmmm.. well, it’s too late, I’ll contact tomorrow.

    Next day again I get the 1:50 minutes, but after 10 minutes it was 1:40… it’s too late again, I’ll check tomorrow.

    Next day is a saturday, I enter de queue at 8:05 AM, almost as soon as live chat service starts,this time it shows 1:05 minutes. I think that even if it takes longer I will get it soon. 30 minutes later it shows 0:50, so I decide to do something else in the same room, as I can’t play anything else in the computer cause I’m worried not to hear the chat call.

    Like one hour later I come back, and I find an agent did come, but as I didn’t answer he left. Sadly, the LiveChat doesn’t even beep to call your attention. Are we supposed to be staring at the screen for 1 hour, doing nothing else until an agent pops up?

    Saturday afternoon, I joined the queue again, but this time I realized what I thought it was 1:50 minutes is actually 1:50 hours. It has been hours all the time, hence you move forward on the queue slowly.

    Ok, so I have to wait for 1:50 hours more or less, looking at the screen, buy I can’t open other tasks cause maybe they cover the chat window and I miss the agent when he comes, and I have to be really careful not to close the window, that is a browser window anyway, by mistake, so better not opening another broser window…

    Ok, I give up, bye bye Rift.

    PS: Really bad support service, I wonder if the game is now better, but I will never know. Who in earth decided to make login required to send a mail to support team?

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