Planescape Torment: Dead men tell plenty of tales

pt1(This is a continuing series detailing my playthrough of Planescape Torment.  You can check out the whole run on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

Morte’s been kidnapped.  I am not pleased.  While the little guy wasn’t the best fighter in the world, he was always entertaining and part of my posse.  But I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine for the time being, so I go around doing a few extra chores before exploring the lower ward.

First up, heading back to the Hive to tell on Pharod to the Dustmen.  The guy’s dead anyway, so might as well get some money and XP.  One thing I notice is that zoning now takes me to the world map instead of the next screen, which allows me to jump between locations a lot quicker.  I really appreciate that.

Speaking of Pharod, he’s my next loose end.  I zip back to the Buried Village to see if I can locate his secret vault.  Annah has a bit of an outburst at seeing his body, which is appropriate since he’s her dad (real or adopted).  I’m your father now, Annah.  Go make your bed.  Stories-bones-tell doesn’t work on him for some reason, however.

I take the sphere (what does it doooo) and the crutch from his body, because looting relatives’ corpses is so very tactful.  The crutch does open up a portal to an abandoned library with a few odds and ends, but it’s not exactly a treasure trove, either.

Enough lollygagging — Morte’s missing, and I must get my second-favorite skull back!  Question: If I’m so good at replacing body parts with others, could Morte be a replacement skull for me?  Maybe that’s why I need my companions around, as organ donors.  Maybe I could fuse six arms and four legs and Annah’s tail onto me to become the ultimate fighter!

dimtreeWhy must I be so silly?  I have two new zones to explore!  I returned to the lower ward and started poking around, talking to NPCs, and investigating buildings.  One structure in particular, a coffin shop called Engineered for Eternity, unveils two quests.  Inside, the shopkeeper is talking to his assistant, who I deduce is actually a zombie.  The zombie is in agony because the shopkeeper just won’t shut up, and I’m tasked with finding the zombie’s owner to beg for the poor thing’s release.  Of course I’ll do it; that’s a horrible fate, to be reanimated as a mostly speechless zombie that’s forced to listen to nonstop rambling of an idiot.

The shopkeeper himself, a long-winded gasbag, has a sad tale that I pick out of his neverending spiel.  Apparently his father went missing several years ago, and a resurfaced memory tells me that I had something to do with it — perhaps I even killed the guy.  I need to find the tomb where the father was last seen, but the shopkeeper won’t help me out until I settle a matter for him at the warehouse.

Out on the streets I encounter the zombie’s owner, Sebastian, who said that he was unaware that the zombie could actually think and feel.  It doesn’t take much persuasion to find out how to release the zombie, and so I return, say a few words, touch the dead guy’s forehead, and he becomes even deader.  Planescape: The only game where making things even more dead makes you a hero.

My next stop is the marketplace, where I unload a lot of the useless stuff I’ve vacuumed up along the way and stock up on 30 or so healing charms.  The marketplace has a couple of other points of interest.  A guard suggests that Morte might’ve been stolen by Lothar, the Lord of Bones (makes sense, I guess), but he and everyone else recommends I leave the matter alone, as Lothar is “untouchable.”  Yeah.  Right.  Since I fear nothing, I ask for the address and am told that he’s accessible through a wrecked house that I explored before (and found nothing).  Also in the marketplace, I help a lonely if talkative girl hook up with a lonely if stoic guard.  Love and death, this game is just so romantic.

Out on the road, I encounter three hulking brutes who are about to pick a fight with a wizard-demon thing.  I find out that they spilled drinks on a noble’s dress, and she dared them to fight the demon to prove their worth.  After talking to the lady nearby, she reveals that they’re going to get slaughtered because the beast can only be killed by magic — and that she set up the situation so it’ll happen.  I’m a nice guy and she was a jerk, so I warn the brutes and they veer off.  Yay me, and level up for Annah and Dak’kon!

2 thoughts on “Planescape Torment: Dead men tell plenty of tales

  1. magnoz June 18, 2013 / 1:06 pm

    Nice one, I enjoy reading these

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