Planescape Torment: Party at Nameless One’s crib!

vault(This is a continuing series detailing my playthrough of Planescape Torment.  You can check out the whole run on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

I’ll say, it’s been kind of refreshing to experience the game without a walkthrough.  It’s a little nerve-wracking too, because I know I’m missing stuff and not hitting the optimal path, but it feels more relaxed and organic.  So far I haven’t gotten lost and that’s just fine with me.

Still exploring around the Lower Ward, trying to find Morte, etc.  We mosey on over to the warehouse and strike up a conversation with the Vault of the 9th World’s clerk, which appears to be a floating head of some kind.  I claim the plans to the tomb that the coffinmaker wanted, and on a whim I ask to pick up a bag of coins.  A very specific number of coins.  Guess my former self did make a deposit, because I’m up 1300 coppers!

Not for the first time do I wonder about my former self.  I’m guessing he wasn’t that nice, due to some of the stories and memories that I’ve discovered.  I’m also wondering why this incarnation, the player-controlled one, has the choice to be a decent fellow.  Maybe someone knocked my free will loose or something.

After I turn in the plans and get my just rewards (but little resolution on the whole I-possibly-killed-your-dad front), I take the advice of just about everyone in this area and go to a wrecked house to find Lothar, the master of bones.  And what bones he has!

skullsLothar’s basement is a serial killer’s dream factory.  Skulls are everywhere, although I am looking for one chatty specimen in particular.  Time to play Where’s Waldo… er, Morte in all of this?  He’s actually easy to find, although getting him out will take convincing Lothar to release him.  Lothar can one-shot me, so I play nice and ask him what he wants.  Turns out that he wants a better skull in exchange, and sends me back to the Drowned Nations to investigate a tomb where such a skull resides.

Surprise surprise… it’s my tomb.  The tomb of the Nameless One.  Did I build it?  Maybe.  Who knows.  It’s a bit of a teleportation maze, but when I get to the center I can read several engravings that shed light on my backstory.  One blurb tells me “not to trust the skull.”  Another tells me that my mind is getting weaker with each reincarnation.  Another addresses the question I had earlier about my past lives:

truthSo… this is Groundhog Day: The Game?  I gotta kidnap Phil, woo the girl, and make it to 6:00 am — and all will be well!

Or maybe not.  Hey, at least I got an enchanted battle axe out of all of this running around.  Lothar isn’t pleased that the tomb is empty, but he does take the skull of the Silent King as compensation.  Not only do I get Morte back, each of my characters level up, but Lothar starts dishing out some big reveals for the Nameless One.

The reason I’m immortal is that the Night Hag Ravel Puzzelwell has stripped my mortality away, making it impossible for me to die.  Lothar stresses that I need to find Puzzelwell and my mortality to solve my ultimate quest.

Up top Morte rejoins me, and he and Annah immediately start bickering again.  I’m feeling less and less happy to be around him, particularly after that whole “don’t trust the skull” stuff.

Since my party is up to four, I wanted to end this session by enlarging it even further!  My mission is to recruit Ignus, and I do have the endless water to help with that (if you’ll recall, Ignus was the burning mage at the Smouldering Corpse).  However, I need the command word.  That’s obtained from a strange lass named Nemelle, who freely tells me, although she also asks if I’ll help find her friend.  I do, and Nemelle gives me a permanent HP bump.  Yay!

Back to the Smouldering Corpse, and I throw the water on Ignus and watch the textual fireworks.  He’s a strong mage, which is good to have, although he’s a tad bit evil too.  This seems as good a place as any to call it a day, and so I shall.


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