Planescape Torment: Playing from McDonald’s

mumble(This is a continuing series detailing my playthrough of Planescape Torment.  You can check out the whole run on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

As I wait for my car to finish up at the auto shop, I find myself stranded at McDonald’s.  So why not a little Planescape Torment while I dally?  Weird thought: Might I be the only person in the world playing Planescape Torment in a McDonald’s at this very moment?  I think that the odds are good.

Inside the festhall I listen to a lecture on the Blood War.  This is a background conflict that hasn’t been seen in the game so much as its presence has been felt, if you can understand that.  Basically, the Blood War is this epic, non-stop conflict between two factions of fiends that’s taking place on many of the planes.  The fiends try to recruit people to fight, but it’s a losing prospect to do so.  A couple more things: If the Blood War stops, the planes might well collapse; and the Lady of Pain keeps the Blood War from fighting in and for Sigil.  It’s sort of neutral ground, but not perfectly so.

I also have a memory of fighting in said Blood War before encountering a certain night hag.  Hm, wonder who that could’ve been?

Further into the festhall I encounter Jumble Murdersense, a nasty little fellow responsible for Reekwind’s curse.  In trying to save Reekwind, I get cursed by this guy for my troubles — I can’t stop hiccupping.  What to do but fight fire with fire?  I run outside, talk to the wanna-be-head-mage, and he teaches me an even better curse.  I sling it on Jumble, who finds that he can’t speak.  So he agrees to remove both curses and I remove his.  Quest complete!

The mage training room in the festhall is somewhat chaotic, as it’s lacking a teacher and the students just don’t know what to do.  The trainer is apparently addicted to sensory stones and hasn’t emerged from the sensorium in a while.  I go there and talk to her about it — she’s really out of it and completely self-centered — then I go tell the head-mage-wannabe guy about her addiction.  Then, because it’s fun running back and forth like a hulking scarred errand boy, I return to the lady and tell her that I told the other guy what she told me.  Planescape Torment: It’s a scarier version of junior high school!  Anyway, she gets mad about it and starts being a teacher again.

On a side note, it feels like it’s been a long, long time since I’ve had to kill anyone or go through a dungeon.  That’s fine by me!

Another quest that I need to accomplish here is to retrieve the keys to Dolora’s heart from Merriman.  These are literal keys, of course, since Dolora is a construct.  Merriman’s a jerk and doesn’t want to give the keys up unless I can find a way to make him forget his troubles.  This kicks off a chain of events that has me talking to Unfulfilled-Desire in the dormitories, who is able to take the desire to drink from that drunken mage I met way back when, who in turn gives me his enchanted mug, which I take to the art gallery and retrieve a shard of ice from the River Styx, which I then give to Merriman, who drinks it and gives me the key.  Whew.  That was a mouthful.

roomThe dorms have my old room still waiting, and not for the first time am I amazed at just what a large footprint I’ve left all over this city (not to mention all of my junk).  Some nice items here including a dodecahedron.  As a bonus, it’s a good place to rest and heal up!

Next up is a trip to the private sensorium.  It’s here that three memory balls are waiting for me.  The first is a long encounter with myself through the eyes of a past love (the ghost lady I first met in the mortuary, I think).  It’s horribly tragic and shows how cruel I became while manipulating her.  The second is a trap that a previous incarnation left for myself, but it’s easy to escape.  And the third is a message from Ravel the night hag, who tells me that I need to find three things to reach her: the door, the key, and the knowledge to unlock the key.

Quell, a candy-eating mage, is willing to give me a hint about Ravel’s key in exchange for some chocolate.  Fortunately, I’ve got some in my bag (why not?) and he lets slip that the key is a piece of Ravel herself.

I head back to the brothel, give Dolora the key to her heart (yay I made her happy), and fix up the silent prostitute Ecco with a new tongue.  It’s not on the up-and-up, since it’s a fiend’s tongue and keeps cursing on her, so some special liquid (which I also have) is needed to tame the potty mouth.  Finally able to speak, Ecco tells me that Ravel has children and that one of them is a fellow co-worker, Kessai-Serris.

It takes a bit of convincing to get Kessai-Serris to admit/realize that she’s Ravel’s daughter, but when she does she’s mortified.  She also agrees to give me some of her blood, although I’m lacking a handkerchief.  Annah to the rescue!  She pilfers a few locked drawers and finds one for me.  Kessai bleeds on it, and voila, I have my key.  Ravel, you’re going down!  To Funkytown!

4 thoughts on “Planescape Torment: Playing from McDonald’s

  1. Coppertopper June 28, 2013 / 10:23 pm

    I am reading these playthru blogs of yours and all I can think is wtf! What an amazing amount of depth. Also can’t wait until tablets are powerful enough to run older games like this.

  2. Adaram June 29, 2013 / 9:16 am

    Nice job on these. I started a new PT play through some time ago, but life took over (and some other shiny game I am sure). I really need to get back to playing again!

  3. Syp June 29, 2013 / 2:13 pm

    Microsoft Surface Pro could probably run all of these games just fine. A little expensive though.

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