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“My recent playing experience has me convinced that World of Warcraft is a lot less fun today than it was in its vanilla days. This isn’t nostalgia talking — I wasn’t even playing WoW until after Burning Crusade released. But let’s say I’ve confirmed it and leave it at that.”

~ Ardwulf

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Unless he has a time machine or long-term survey data, I do not see how that is possible to confirm. Even a private server running vanilla content wouldn’t capture the same community and couldn’t fully reverse the way expectations have changed.

  2. Fair point, but I didn’t claim to have perfectly replicated the experience, only that I have definitely determined (for myself, at least) that the vanilla experience was a lot more fun. That’s a straightforward conclusion that I don’t think you need an array of hard numbers to make. I do have reasons why I think it’s so, some of which are discussed in the full post.

    As ever, Syp, thanks for the pingback!

  3. I 100% agree. I played very soon after WoW’s launch. The game was a freaking blast. Now? Well…

    I fully believe it was the community. WoW didn’t have any plot, and was basically just “Here’s the world. We put in quests and some stuff, made the journey from 1-60 take months to achieve, and that 100G mount? That will take you weeks to accrue that much gold”. It’s heart was more sandbox than themepark, and player created stories were better than anything Blizz had put in up to that point. I think the change came when they made PvP battlegrounds. Suddenly, one of the things that defined Warcraft… namely… War, was now in these far off places and not all around you. After that, they focused on end-game, casual elements, boss dances, etc and… it lost it’s edge.

  4. I didn’t play WoW until some five years after launch, well into the WotLK period. I liked it well enough for a couple of months but had had enough of it before I hit the then level cap. As I played I frequently had cause to look up information on various websites as one does and one thing happened repeatedly; I kept reading walkthroughs, guides and commentaries about things that sounded really interesting only to find that those activities were either no longer in game at all or had been changed to operate in a much different, always far less interesting way.

    That was before Cataclysm and Pandaria. From everything I’ve read I shudder to think what the open-world leveling experience must be like now.

  5. I’m pretty sure you could post a quote of the day every day which was Ardwulf taking a potshot at WoW and/or Blizzard…

  6. I never played any expansion content in WoW at all; dropped out of the game before Burning Crusade and did not go back.

    Every time I read posts like this I wonder for how long the game gained players primarily because it was a good game and at what point it gained or maintained players more because of inertia.
    Could be a quite different demographic that plays the game nowadays also, I guess.

  7. I haven’t logged in for about a year, but I will say this: everything I ranted and complained about back when I quite my main run through the game in the fall of 2007 has since been fixed or added into the game. My opinion of WoW as a game has, as a result, against all my predictions, risen considerably over the last couple of years.

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