Planescape Torment: The final stretch

gone(This is a continuing series detailing my playthrough of Planescape Torment.  You can check out the whole run on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

I’m on a return trajectory to Sigil, moving from Baator –> Outlands –> Curst, only now that I’ve arrived back in Curst, something is wrong.  The place as I knew it is gone.  It’s been majorly trashed?

Trias the betrayer?  That’s my guess.  This is backed up by some talking heads (always with the talking heads in this game) guarding the next portal.  They mention the betrayer and how the whole town got swept right into the prison plane.  Well… sucks to be them?  I guess?  Kind of makes me wonder why I had to help all of them in the first place.  The answer: XP and a noble sense of morality.

Time to hop another portal and pray that I’m getting close to the actual end of this game.  How many more Planescape posts can Syp make, seriously?

I land in Carceri, the prison plane where the poor folks of Curst are now residing.  I need to help them out, and right quick, because they’re all in imminent danger from roaming demons and the like.  Happily, the zone is a lush green forest that’s a welcome break from what I’ve seen so far in the game.

Just kidding; it’s a red-hued desert area.  This game is where plants go to die, y’know.

The  caretaker approaches me and explains that if I can do enough good deeds, it should help the townspeople repent of their badness and loosen the hold by Trias.  Y’know, the guy I gave the SWORD OF ULTIMATE POWER to.  I guess I bear some responsibility in the matter, although I’m not the one who decided to char his wings off and use him and his sword as a sort of prison battery to begin with.

thankyouWell, I’m a good guy, or so the press says.  Time to do good deeds!  I begin by saving a couple folks being crushed under a cart, a woman being attacked my thugs, the distillery owner being assaulted, and civilians being slaughtered by fiends.  I also stop some guards from looting a warehouse, rally a few anarchists to the town’s defense, put an end to some slavery, and stop a public execution.  All in all, it’s an XP bonanza and I level up the entire party a couple times over.  I’m not complaining.

Funny moment: The lady I save from the thugs tries to give me a passionate kiss, and there are options to allow her to do it, allow her to give you a hug, or step back.  Regretfully for my romantic reputation, I step back because I don’t think Annah would much like it.  It amuses me that the programmers thought that this was an important decision to make in the midst of a raging combat zone, though.

I claw my way to the administration building, which is just as full of enemies as the outside.  I start to question my memories that you should be able to play Planescape without having to fight more than two mandatory mobs, because I can’t see any way you can get past them without a little punching action.

It’s weird because ever since heading out from Curst for the first time, it feels as though I’ve been in a non-stop whirlwind of combat with very little of the traditional Planescape dialogue and story quests.  I kind of miss that, because it makes for a very dull tale to say “I bashed my way through a building, healed here, reloaded there, etc.”  But that’s all I got for the administration building.

triasFinally, I find him.  Mr. Trias.  He’s substantially weakened by all of the good that I’ve been doing.  Feel the power of my care bear stare, dude!  He asks what I hope to accomplish.  Oh man, so many possible answers to that question.  So I just beat on his face instead.

It’s a short fight and at the end Trias is the one on his knees.  He agrees to give up the knowledge of how to get into the Fortress of Regrets on the condition that I save his life.  I do so and convince him to stop being such a Paradise Lost cliche and instead return to heaven like a good little angel.  My walking suit of judgmental armor disagrees and slices Trias in two out of justice.  I’m kind of OK with that.  I get Trias’ sword, Celestial Fire, which I actually can’t use AS a sword.  I do will it to become an axe, however.

So where is the entrance to the Fortress of Regrets?  It’s where this whole thing began: The Mortuary.  Seriously.

I head through the Convenient Portal(tm) that opens nearby and head back to Sigil.  A cutscene shows me Curst being restored and the fiend realizing that Trias’ death has freed him.  Good?  Bad?  Who knows.

Back in Sigil, I have a couple of things to do before the endgame.  Annah up and decides to quit the party because she has HAD it with Fall-from-Grace.  It takes some fancy conversation work to get her back in the party without losing Fall-from-Grace, but I make do.  And then it’s off to sell and stock up on healing charms!

Finally, I’m back in the mortuary.  Wow, it feels like forever since I’ve been here.  I’m almost giddy with anticipation to complete the game.  Regrets, I’ve had a few… a fortress full, in fact.

Before we go in, Morte stops me with another bombshell: We’ve been in the fortress before.  Apparently, I went through with a former party that included Morte and Dak’kon, and each of them died in a different way.  I died a death of memories, which is why I can’t remember it.  Morte also says that the previous me didn’t much care for the other party members, but he was smart — which means that I probably won’t stand much of a chance.

My companions all choose to come with me because of what Ravel said: They are all suffering in some way, and hope that by redeeming me, they will find peace.

We go through this last portal.  We are ready.  And then we are split up.

loveAlone, I wander down a path and bump into the ghost of Deionarra, the woman who loved me.  She’s really, really worried that I’m there and gives me a few clues how to survive what’s about to come.  She also upgrades her wedding ring, which is definitely appreciated.

The fortress itself is definitely not welcoming.  There are tough shadows everywhere — the lives of those who died in my place every time I was struck down — and I have to figure out how to progress and get my companions back.  I find a clock and lever, and after pulling it, Fall-from-Grace has a showdown with the Transcendent One — and loses.  She’s dead.

Another room, another lever.  Annah dies.  She does admit to having something on a crush on me before she goes, so it’s not a total loss.

surroundedAnother lever.  Dak’kon goes down in a heroic last stand.  I have to say that it is emotionally affecting — I do care about my party and hate to see them taken out like this, away from my help.

A final lever opens a portal that takes me to a room with Ignus.  Hey Iggy!  Sorry about the whole killing you thing!  Are we cool?  Heh heh… “cool.”  Being-on-fire pun, sorry.  Guess we’re not.  Time to die again!  It’s kind of fun fighting him because my CON is now 20, which means that I’m regenerating health like a pro.

After killing him, I find a stone that has some instructions from a previous incarnation.  It also tells me that a nearby crystal is a trap and not to touch it.  Phooey to that, man.  I touch it anyway and awaken in a room with three of my previous incarnations — good, practical, and paranoid.

The incarnations tell me that only one of us can leave, and they’re all trying to jockey for my mind.  I’m one point of INT and WIS short to force them to merge with me, so I have to kill both the practical and paranoid incarnations.  It’s only at this very late stage of the game that I realize that I can pause the game, go into my inventory, and use as many healing charms as I like without any combat lag.  Awesome.  But it helps and I win easily.  The good incarnation merges happily with me after asking if my current life was well lived.

I then have a final talk with Deionarra and confess that my previous incarnation — I — intentionally brought her here to die so that I’d have a link to be able to return.  I apologize, tell her that she is worthy of love, and she takes me to the Transcendent One.  He’s standing just past the bodies of my companions.  Man, I hope they did find peace in the end.  I’m so sorry, friends.

The Transcendent One… he is my mortality.  It’s a surprise and not so much.  He’s a prisoner (but denies it) of the fortress, and doesn’t want to kill me for good, since he’d die too.  He does want me to die temporarily so that I’ll forget how to get there, and now that Trias — the only other one who knows how to get to the fortress — is dead, this time I’ll be unable to return.

He tries to attack me, but I take the Blade of the Immortal — the one I got from Coaxmetal — and slit my own throat.  The Transcendent One, my mortality, vanishes and I fall into darkness.

It’s the end that I’ve chosen.  I think it’s a fitting one.  My mortality and immortality will not cause anyone else to suffer from here on out.

Later I’ll log some final thoughts on this playthrough and then shut up about Planescape Torment for good.  Right now I’m just going to sort through the emotions that finishing up this title has caused.


5 thoughts on “Planescape Torment: The final stretch

  1. Lani July 15, 2013 / 10:07 am

    Thanks for sharing this Syp, and for sticking with it.
    I really enjoyed reading each installment.

  2. Syp July 15, 2013 / 10:11 am

    My pleasure!

  3. Stropp July 16, 2013 / 3:53 am

    I’ve also enjoyed this series, Syp. Kinda sad now it’s over. I played PS years ago and also have fond memories, although I got very frustrated when I had sold an item I needed for a quest and couldn’t remember who I sold it to in order to get it back.

    You did say in the later post that you won’t be posting your play-throughs of other games on your list. Hope you reconsider that, they’re definitely a good read.

  4. Syp July 16, 2013 / 7:35 am

    @Bio-Flame – I actually knew about the golden sphere and had it in the end, although I either forgot or didn’t see a dialogue choice for that.

    @Stropp – I think what I meant is that I won’t be necessarily going start to finish in all of my other games. I will be writing about them, tho.

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