Vote on the next Bio Break classic game safari!

atariWith my Planescape Torment journey finally finished, I’m looking forward to my next classic computer game safari for the site.  I’m sitting on a few dozen titles right now that I want to check out sooner or later, so I’m hoping to get through them a little quicker.

As such, I’m creating a few rules for how this will work:

  1. First of all, I’m going to rotate play between RPG, adventure, and misc (strategy/simulation/action) titles while still allowing you to vote on what I’ll cover next.
  2. Second, I’m not going to promise that I’ll finish these games; instead, I’ll commit to a two-week exploration of the title during my lunch hours with options to extend that if I’m really enjoying the title or close to finishing it.
  3. Third, the titles in question have to be ones I’ve already purchased, although I’ll probably be adding to my collection here and there.
  4. With adventure games I’ll add a fourth rule that won’t apply to RPGs: I have to play through the series in order.

Since I just did an RPG, it’s time for an adventure playthrough!  I’ll open this poll for three days of voting, after which I’ll get cooking!

8 thoughts on “Vote on the next Bio Break classic game safari!

  1. So torn between King’s Quest 1 and Quest for Glory 1! But I had to go with Quest for Glory (hopefully the updated 256 color version). If only so you will continue to work through the entire series. 2 is my favorite story wise in the Arabian Nights motiff, but three and four are GREAT too. 4 is awesome from an atmosphere and Gothic Horror fun-ness (think TSW light with all the tropes and cliches you’d expect from a Gothic setting). Plus being able to take your character all the way through them is a blast. Now I want to go play them all again!!!!

  2. Alan Wake. If you like TSW and the horror game motif and the play between light and darkness, you’ll like Alan Wake… you just have to stomach the entire game essentially being one giant commercial for Energizer, Ford, and Verizon first.

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