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Rumors of my demise are greatly unfounded

Healing the Masses just posted an article that included a little blurb about yours truly:

“Has Syp died as a mmo blogger due to his interest in older rpg’s because that’s the opinion I’m receiving. Of course he hasn’t. MMO blogs, like his own are just becoming more diverse which I think is an incredibly good thing.”

It’s not meant in any sort of negative way, but I thought I’d use this to clarify a few things about Bio Break.

This is my gaming blog.  It always has been since its inception in December 2008.  Because of my interests, it’s mostly about MMOs.  But even since the beginning, I’ve touched on other things, including nostalgia gaming, hardware, conventions, Geocaching, mobile titles, and the like.  Bio Break isn’t becoming more diverse; it’s always been diverse.  Just like most other blogs, it’s here to be a platform for me to jabber on about whatever’s caught my interest on a particular day.

Once I started at Massively in 2010, some of what I would’ve written for Bio Break I save for there.  It also resulted in a drop in my formerly insane post count numbers here, although I still have my moments.

Generally what I’m aiming to do these days is put out a morning post that rotates through my stable of current MMOs and any other topics I want to talk about, then an afternoon post detailing my adventures through a retro game.  I don’t want to be all about retro gaming, but it’s fascinating to me lately, and I really had a blast journaling my way through Planescape Torment.  It’s actually made me think about doing a similar log of a character’s journey through an MMO.  Maybe when a new title comes out, like WildStar.

I write for me, first and foremost.  It’s enjoyable and relaxing to do so.  I’m glad if it amuses, entertains, or occasionally informs readers.  But I don’t think Bio Break would be a better blog if I started writing what I think would appeal to others.  It would definitely be a less honest blog.

And for any concerned that MMO blogs are going away… well, I’ve been vigorously updating my blogroll on the right there to include all of the ones that I have on my RSS reader that have updated within the past month.  I think that the community still has a lot to say, personally.  I know I do.

Anyway, thank you all for continuing to read and support Bio Break!

4 thoughts on “Rumors of my demise are greatly unfounded

  1. I think we all change our tastes over time. I follow people because I like reading whatever they happen to be writing about… I find all gaming interested and the personal bits scattered between equally so. I have learned however that not everyone takes this stance. Sometimes they like trying to fit people into very specific buckets. The problem is… most people don’t really fit into neat bins.

    I noticed I took a big hit in readers and followers on twitter when I made the jump from being primarily WoW centric… to playing Rift. Once I was in the “not just wow” community… those folks tend to be more nomadic as well and more forgiving of people playing something other than whatever they happen to be playing. Ultimately I follow you, and follow everyone else on my rather large RSS feed because I value whatever they are saying… regardless of what it happens to be about.

  2. I didn’t mean to point you out personally, there are many other blogs that could have been referenced as well.

    I will say that the content here has become more diverse in recent months.. it always was I understand that but it seems your mmo posts are a little less regular and other games and experiences have taken the focus. This might be the result of a little bit of confirmation bias going on due to the Planescape playthrough but I think that’s the impression.

    You’re one of the big mmo sites that people consistently visit which is why I brought it up as it is probably why some where saying “mmo” blogs are dying. They’re not of course and I actually really enjoy reading about your other experiences, I might even pick up Planescape because of it. Some of the bigger names in blogging have retired and then they see you switching your content a little (not much though), and this change was part of the dissent.

    Of course you shouldn’t change to suit people, everyone should always write about what interests them first and foremost as I think that passion translates well to the electronic page

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