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Other games I’m playing

cardI’ve been fiddling about with a few other non-MMO, non-classic titles as of late:

  • Prison Architect: This is the only game I purchased from the Steam summer sale, mostly because I remember it looking really interesting when I first saw it a while back.  It’s still in alpha but it’s playable.  What’s surprising is how complex it is — the game gives you 20 minutes just to set up your first tiny prison, and even then I’m not sure I was doing it right.  Need to spend more time with this, but it’s a cool idea.
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers: This is one of the best tower defense games that I’ve played on iOS devices.  It’s not just the colorful graphics or nice balance of tower types, but the fact that you have a hero and reinforcements to send to weak spots that aren’t protected yet.  I’ve beat the game and am working my way through on the more difficult levels.
  • Card Hunter: It seems like many people have been gushing about this, so I got into the beta to take a peek.  So far it’s living up to the hype as a cross-breed between a tactical fantasy board game and a CCG.  The idea is that the gear you equip your party with activates a handful of cards each instead of stats, so your deck is built that way.  It’s slick to use, good-looking, and incredibly addictive.  I’m holding off on playing more until the game officially launches (or at least there’s no threat of a wipe).  Sheep the Diamond and In An Age have better impressions of it, so check them out!

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