LOTRO: A time to post and a time to die

Via LOTRO Players and a couple other sources comes the news that Turbine’s doing a major forum/website update on the 29th.  The big plus here is that we’ll get a convenient all-in-one community page with relevant news and the forums should be much improved.

However, I’m quite sad to hear that Turbine’s discontinuing both the Lorebook and player blogs.  The Lorebook was a useful secondary source of in-game info (after the LOTRO Wiki) and its loss will be felt.  Even more so is the puzzling demise of player blogs.  I don’t know how many people used them these days, but they used to be somewhat popular.  I know that if I had invested time into writing one and the studio just up and killed it, I’d be a little miffed.  I guess that’s a good reason why you should never, ever trust a studio’s own social or community network instead of a third-party source.


One thought on “LOTRO: A time to post and a time to die

  1. Chocoholic July 28, 2013 / 7:33 am

    I too was a frequent user of the community site. However, from the start I could never use the blog. It was totally screwed up for me. People said it was due to the fact I had beenon a European…. But I had never been on a European server. Tech support eventually said it was a different problem they would add to the list of problems to be solved. Hence my own blog at WordPress 🙂
    Even when visiting blogs from other players I’d more often than not would get a screwed up, unreadable, blog to see. It’s too bad, cause I understand several blogs on the site were quite popular.
    The Lorebook is something I’m in doubt about. True, the places and monsters codex is something to be missed, but a lot of information was missing from the rest. Tier 8 crafting wasn’t even included anymore and regularly I got the message information which supposedly had to be there, in fact wasn’t in the lorebook. My #1 place to go has been Lotro Wiki since I found it.
    It is interesting to see a player run site is a better game information source than the official Lorebook was.
    Also, news…. I think Casual Stroll to Mordor (or MMO’s now 🙂 )was the #1 place to go for news. We hardly get any official newsletters from Turbine. At least not on a regular interval. And if we get it, it’s about store sales…….
    The 20 questions with Developers is a good development and I understand it will be kept, so that’s a nice source of information, but all in all, the community site isn’t what I had it expected to be.
    As for the forum itself, I’ll be glad once all the problems will finally be over. I hate it when I’ve written a very long post, press submit and have all my work disappear because I’m instantly logged out. I was also very frequently logged out for no apparent reason. I could be reading a thread, click an internal link (as in: to another thread in the Lotro Forums) and be instantly logged out again.
    We’ll just have to wait and see how the new and improved site will look and act once it’s up and running. For now… I don’t know.

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