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SWTOR: Rough re-entry

yetiWith my new MMO gaming schedule, Thursdays are right now designated for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  It’s been a while since I even lightly dabbled in the game, but I missed hanging out with my guild and wanted to continue my Operative’s adventures.  Call me silly, but it was a little bit thrilling to see “CHAPTER IV” show up on the loading screen as I moved on to the Rise of the Hutt Cartel content.

However, it was a rough re-entry — and I’m not just talking about the crash landing that started my experiences on Makeb.  I haven’t played my Operative since early/mid-2012 and I had very little recollection how to play her.  To make things worse, somewhere along the way my talent points were refunded and the tree tweaked.

I respecced how I used to be: full-out heal-bot.  I love having access to her powerful heals, although it does make me rely a bit more on my companion.  Even so, I wasn’t exactly breezing through the new content.

Actually, before Makeb I tried to go for Section X to start the HK-51 chain.  I figured it’d be cool to get him before I went to the new planet, but trying to solo that quest — and even just trying to get to the quest location — showed me how fragile I was.  So I moved over to Makeb, but it was still rough going.  I don’t know if I’m just sorely undergeared compared to modern level 50s, but I go down fast now.  As the quest rewards I’m finding are significant upgrades to my current equipment, I think that my absence saw my gear fall behind the curve.

My plan is to stick it out on Makeb, get used to my build again, and hopefully get enough good gear to not be a total embarrassment.  I didn’t get super-far in one night, but I did make it through a good half-dozen quests and net a few bars of XP.

I had missed my Operative and it was nice coming home to her.  The whole evening was filled with “oh YEAH, I forgot that did this!”  Having a skill that instantly dumps me out of content and puts me into stealth?  A shield that heals me when it’s used up?  My vibroknife attacks?

What was even better was just seeing her story continue.  My interest in SWTOR really nose-dived when Yeti’s journey ended at the end of chapter 3.  It feels like the old gang is getting back together again and I’m up to my snarky, suspicious ways.  With the company of my guild, Thursdays could become a night that I’ll be looking forward to all week.

4 thoughts on “SWTOR: Rough re-entry

  1. Run some level 50 hard mode flashpoints, they filled them with level 50 raid quality gear. The daily for it is a great chunk of xp too. That’s how I usually get my Alts up to snuff for makeb. Also if you have any planetary comms, the makeb comm guy sells mods that will help a bunch.

  2. Agreed with Trippin Ninja above. Flashpoints are where the easy gear upgrades are at from 50 onwards these days, and seeing how you’re a healer, queues shouldn’t be too bad. 🙂

  3. Makeb is slow going at first unless you were tricked out in raid columni or better gear from before. Once you get through the opening section there is a vendor that uses planetary commendations to get you gear that is on par with that. If you need a hand, we have found the Makeb content is more enjoyable in a group. Any one of us can stop to lend a hand.

  4. Gear indeed makes such a difference. When I did Makeb at first on my main character (well equipped with raid gear) I went through it like a breeze, I really thought it was a joke. Apparently that was not because I was epic, because it was a whole different experience when I did it later on my sorcerer without any raid gear.

    So don’t feel bad about your skill and just listen to the people above. ^^

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