Evaluating my play schedule

magnus-maximus-350Some of you have asked or commented on my current plan to play a different MMO each night of the week according to a schedule.  Is this the best way to juggle MMOs?  How’s it working out?

I’m happy to say that it is going quite nicely right now, thank you.  To recap, here’s my current schedule:

  • Monday: The Secret World
  • Tuesday: LOTRO
  • Wednesday: RIFT
  • Thursday: SWTOR
  • Friday: Guild Wars 2
  • Sat/Sun: Anything goes

I’ve done a few weeks with this rotation and haven’t found it to be restricting or annoying.  On the contrary, it’s taken some of the stress of trying to juggle too many games on a single night and removed that from the equation.  It’s not up to my fickle whims to try to keep a balanced gaming diet; the schedule does that for me.

I find that each day I’m already getting into the mindset of, “Oh, tonight is (specific game) night.”  Through the day I occasionally think about what I want to try to accomplish, and when I settle into a session I’m focused and not pressured to log out in order to get into something else.

I saw someone comment that they were wondering what happens if I can’t make a night, resulting in me not being able to play a game until the next week.  That’s actually happened: I was pretty sick last week and skipped a couple of nights in favor of sleep.  Tonight I have an all-night event at church, so I won’t be gaming RIFT.  But it’s no problem, because that’s what the weekend is for.  Leaving Saturday and Sunday open to doing whatever gives me a release valve to gorge on a particular game that’s captivating my interest or to catch up on a title I missed earlier on.

That isn’t to say that this is all locked down forever and ever.  I am contemplating changing one of the nights to allow me to explore some of the many other MMOs that are on my interest list, but I’m not quite sure what I’d remove.  SWTOR’s F2P model really drives me nuts, but it’s hard to say no to quality time with a guild.  Probably the game that has the least amount of my interest right now is LOTRO, mostly because I’m out of new stuff to do and have a mild case of burnout.

With nothing major that interests me coming in 2013, I think I’m settling into a nice groove here.  All I know is that my stress over trying to stretch myself too thin is down and my general enjoyment is up.

3 thoughts on “Evaluating my play schedule

  1. couillon August 21, 2013 / 12:01 pm

    I like the idea of leaving Sat/Sun open to gorge on what’s up on your dashboard. M-F is pretty hectic and hard accomplish anything meaningful, much less fit in more than 1 game.

  2. kaldeem August 24, 2013 / 12:31 am

    That’s actually a really great idea that can work for non-mmos. Currently I’m spending my time between WoW, WoT, Mine craft and some other games like the iPad version,of injustice:gods among us. Iam going to sit down and make a gaming schedule this week.

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