12 thoughts on “Poll: What upcoming MMOs are you dying to play?

  1. None, honestly. There are a few I’m curious about and would like to try, but none that I’m chomping at the bit to play.

    That’s all right, though. I’m still having plenty of fun with WoW and TSW.

  2. this is missing “none”. I’m also in the boat of not being really interested in any of those (ESO might be tempting, but since they’re also going sub… nah, I’ll wait and see.

    Maybe if you’d said “what MMO might you be faintly interested to play”, I could have checked some…

  3. To my mind, that list represents something of a pretty wide net for MMOs. It certainly goes well beyond “virtual world based MMORPGs” that I would claim are the staple of my gaming plan. And with a couple of those, you should probably just take that one additional baby step and put the next Call of Duty on there as well.

  4. It really is too bad about Civilization Online not coming to NA. Their concept for it sounded amazing! I’m not into sandboxes much, but that would’ve pulled me in.

  5. I didn’t even know there were so many new MMO titles coming on… wow, totally baffled.

    Voted for Elder Scrolls Online, although “dying for” is a bit of an exaggeration. I’m more curious at what it’s going to be like (being an Elder Scrolls fan) and have both positive and negative feelings about it. It’s all about if they’re going to pull off a good MMO or not. And if people will complain that “it’s just another MMO” or if they can make something special out of it.

  6. Wildstar and TESO are now off my radar since they’ve announced their business model.

    Civilization Online NOT being in North America and Europe is absolutely baffling, so off my list.

    Still need to see a lot more on EQ Next.

    World of Darkness is the only MMO that I would be die-hard for, and it’s not even on the radar any more.

  7. I agree with those that said they wish the question were milder or there were a none of the above. EQN and particularly Landmark seem pretty cool, but I wouldn’t saying I’m dying to play them. I also voted for Firefly Online because I love the IP; but that’s a wait and see, as well.

  8. Yeah, the only ones I could honestly say “dying to” play were Warhammer 40k (IP fan, but very prepared for it to suck or never materialize) and Everquest Next Landmark (just to see the voxel creation tools and player-created content.)

    I would be faintly interested in checking out (for a free trial, or later when they go on sale, but certainly not paying at launch) Everquest Next, Wildstar, TESO, ArcheAge, and Pathfinder Online, but do not intend a long term commitment to any of those titles. And yes, World of Darkness if it ever shows up.

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