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Going to PAX? So am I!

I’m excited and a little bit nervous to be heading to PAX this week — my first since PAX East a couple of years ago.  I’m in the throes of packing and planning, which is considerably more nuts since it’s a work trip.  My schedule is packed full of appointments and interviews, but that’s part of the fun of it.

So a few people have sent me notes asking to meet or hang out or whatever.  Because my schedule is hectic, here’s the best way to get your own Syp autograph/revenge speech:

  • Come to the MMO Reporter party on Thursday night.  You have to RSVP if you’re coming, but I’ll be hanging with the great MMO Reporter crew, and they’ll have lots of prizes to give away.  I should also be at the WildStar and Guild Wars 2 parties on Saturday night.
  • If we can get a few people together, I’d be available for breakfast on Sunday.  Leave a comment below and we’ll see what we can put together.
  • Just follow me on Twitter and I’ll either say where I’m at or you can shoot me a message at the convention.

Also, because of PAX I won’t be blogging for a good part of this week!  Just a heads up if you need to contact your support group in advance or something.

3 thoughts on “Going to PAX? So am I!

  1. I’m down for breakfast on Sunday. I’ll also be at the WildStar/GW2 parties on Saturday night, so perhaps see you there as well. 🙂

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