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Quote of the Day: Firing unicorns

“The ‘other people’s characters are impacting my immersion’ ship sailed a long time ago, with a magenta-haired Charr wearing armor dyed in chalky pastels and wielding a bow that fires unicorns at the helm.”

~ Massively’s Anatoli Ingram making a great case for more cosmetic freedom in GW2

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Firing unicorns

  1. That bow is beyond idiotic. I have a very high tolerance for whimsy indeed but that passes it.

    One thing I’ve never really understood is why devs don’t put an appearance filter on the client end. How hard would it be to give all races/classes a default appearance set on the client so that those of us who want to see a relatively convincing environment can do so while everyone else sees the whole garish carnival?

  2. I think it is evident some charr are going out the closet…

    The peace with humans evidently is killing that “warrior race” ideology.

  3. @Tyler

    Well, everyone know the Spartans only for that movie, “300”. Anyone that know History know very well the spartans were well out of the closet…

    Think about the klingons and the Federation… some decades of peace and soon we find klingons serving in the federation fleet… and to think how many blave klingons died trying destroy the Enterprise and Kirk…

  4. The whole closet discussion reminds me of a guy on my server who wears Orr karma temple armor dyed a brilliant shade of rainbow. Helmet red, shoulders yellow, chest green and so on. 🙂

    I find the odd combinations creative and amusing from a broken fourth wall perspective. Roleplay-wise, just consider the weirdoes mad or strange, perhaps.

    It’s easy enough to find immersion in GW2 though. Find a nice quiet deserted zone, dress yourself appropriately and interact with NPCs. Done.

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