Guild Wars 2: A small observation

I was oh-so-very-excited to see Super Adventure Box return to GW2 until I played it and remembered that, oh yeah, I really don’t like 3-D platforming.  I mean, I’m all about the aesthetic and concept and whatnot, but I’d love it more if it was more combat-centric and less jumpy-jumpy.  So I’m probably going to just sight-see on infantile mode and then leave it alone.  Let other people farm the skins that I can buy later, that sort of thing.

Instead, I really want to pour some effort into sticking to an alt and getting a second level 80.  I’ve been fiddling with a Mesmer and Necro on the side, but when I did a gut check last night of which class I’m enjoying the most, it’s definitely the Ranger.  Overplayed or no, I just really like that class’ skills, pets, and handling.  So I’m dusting her off and going to channel some energy into getting her up there.  I also want to give another try to crafting, so I’m going to do a little bit of research and then start her on that journey as well.

Anyway, I had a small observation last night that pleased me about this game.  Many times when I hit max level with a character, I find myself losing interest in playing that toon, mostly because the options become too time-intensive and hardcore (i.e. raiding/extensive dungeon running).  But Syp the Engineer’s been 80 for months now and I still play her regularly — and I didn’t really notice this until lately.

I think this is something GW2 does well by giving you plenty of things to do at all levels and making the level cap not as important.  Scaling plays a part, as does the stream of content updates, and there are always more achievements that need doing.  I also really appreciate any of the account-wide options, including currency and achievement points, since it doesn’t make me feel locked into playing any one character.  Anyway, it’s a small thing, but I thought it was kind of cool that this title keeps coming up with incentives to make me want to play my main instead of fully giving into alts as a way to extend interest.


4 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: A small observation

  1. João Carlos September 5, 2013 / 11:04 am

    I have 5 level 80 toons. For months too. I guess that part they say all game is endgame we heard from manifesto is truth.

    I really don’t like jumping puzzles, so the return of SAB is not great for me. That is the huge advantage of temporally content: it will go out. Let’s hope the content that comes next september 17th be more interesting. From the picture, I guess we will see aetherblades attacking again.

    For now I am trying get crafting 500 in 3 of my toons and I will not waste time with SAB. I think I need start a routine with all my 5 toons for harvest all oricharium and ancient wood I can find daily. I will need huge quantities of that mats and too t3 to t5 mats.

    With 5 toons, i will need craft a lot of ascended weapons: hammer, greatsword, longbow and rifle for warrior; two pistols for engineer; staff for elementalist; staff and two daggers for necromancer; longbow and greatsword for ranger. My guess: 3 to 5 months for craft it all.

    And sooner or later they will introduce precursor crafting and ascended armor….

    So…. too much end content?

  2. darkeye September 5, 2013 / 12:27 pm

    Ranger is now my sixth alt, I’m enjoying it especially with sword/dagger and axe/axe, find the bows slightly boring, though I’d prefer if pets had less threat and mobs focused on the ranger more because it ends up not being as active soloing as other classes. Already planning my build as a sturdy melee focused ranger.

    There are a few places where GW2 really falls down when it comes to alts, WvW ranks and ascended gear, which is a shame because the game is really great for alts in most other aspects. I’m hoping that in the background they are coming up with a solution to let alts share rank but spend points differently, although spending time in WvW on various character still lets me get the bread-and-butter stuff for minimal points investment (build, repair and supply mastery) and ignore the rest as superfluous.

    Ascended gear is something I’ve given up chasing, with one amulet and rings on each character as I can afford them and if they drop in fractals. Not going to bother with crafting ascended weapons much, and only acquire them through drops. For all the innovations they went with an unimaginative end-game advancement system.

    Next update is Tequatl 2.0/Bloodlust in the Borderlands.

  3. Ocho September 5, 2013 / 12:37 pm

    This is one of the reasons I still like STO, too. At max level, I found I have still played my character a ton. Still having things to do at max level that don’t take a huge amount of time is awesome.

  4. catchersrule September 6, 2013 / 12:53 pm

    I have this love-hate relationship with SAB’s myself; on the one hand, my Mesmer who’s kind of a parkour guy and loves jumping puzzles (whether he’s good or bad at them), thinks they’re neat – on the other hand, my other alts don’t have much time for them. Like I said, love-hate.

    Re: the “endgame” stuff: I think the GW2 devs are trying to redo the definition of that sort of thing. Someone mentioned “too much” of it, as a question, which I find kind of funny, because usually the complaints I’ve seen in MMO’s (WoW, LOTRO, for instance), is “not enough endgame content” or “so I’ve hit level 80 (yeah remember when that was endgame for WoW?), what do I do now??” I’ve also come to a bit of an observation with GW2, wherein up to level 85, leveling is “the thing” (keep in mind this is an observation ONLY), then once a player’s hit “endgame” he or she can concentrate more on Living World stuff, i.e. just “live” in this world of theirs that’s always changing. Personally I’ve never been the kind of gamer for whom it’s deathly important to get to maz level so I could do this or that, so I tend to use Living World stuff for characterization – but I think that’s important too, because what it says to me is there’s a ton of options for folks. regarding what to do in the game. I have one lone 80 just now, my grumpy little Asura Ranger who hasn’t had much Living World action since the Karka invasion when she got to help take ’em down in Southsun Cove., where I have her parked till another event comes that she’ll be interested in. But I like that on the whole; I like the “endgame” being more open-ended than the generic “you’re max level so all you can do now is raid or hope for an Xpac to come out”.

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