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Farewell, WAR

newtitle14I’m sure you all heard, but Mythic finally pulled the plug on Warhammer Online.  The studio is citing the end of a licensing deal with Games Workshop as the reason, although, y’know, who are we kidding here.  It hadn’t been making much of any money or headlines at all in the past few years and never went F2P to give it a second shot.

I’m absorbing the emotional blow of this right now.  No, I haven’t played WAR since… late 2009, maybe?  So it’s not the loss of something immediate, but the death of an old friend morelike.  WAR meant a lot to me: It got me started in blogging, it put me in touch with many great friends, and it gave me a couple fun years of gaming.  As I just said to a friend, it wasn’t an awful game, it just was awfully bungled.  And I don’t really care to dwell on the negatives right now, because I suspect this will be my last-ever post on WAR here.

There was just something so special and energetic about the WAR community and blogging scene, especially leading up to launch, that I’ve yet to see copied elsewhere.  The shared excitement, the analysis, the journeys, the frustration, and the laughs drew many of us in.  There’s barely a shadow of a hint of that today, with no WAR blogs out there that I know of and a much diminished playerbase.  But for a time, it was a great ride.

Perhaps it’s time for WAR to go.  Five years isn’t an incredible run, but it is more than what some MMOs get.  Whether a game is shut down or we leave it, all that’s left behind are the relationships, the memories, and the screenshots.

I invite any of my former WAR blogging colleagues or fellow players to leave a note on this post.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’ll end with sharing two things if you’re interested in a little WAR nostalgia: my recent column on Massively sharing my favorite things about the game, and a list of greatest hits from my WAR blog, WAAAGH!

16 thoughts on “Farewell, WAR

  1. It is kinda bittersweet. I always believed this game to have so much untapped potential, it’s really a shame to see it go. The Disciple of Khaine is still one of my favorite classes on any MMO.

    And like you, WAR is the reason I have any involvement with blogging, be it in a passive or occasionally even active position. It was because of it that I got to know your blog, as many others that I follow to this day.

    I raise my cup to you, Warhammer Online.

  2. As I said on Twitter, Warhammer Online was my start to blogging.

    Back then, I was still playing WoW when my boyfriend told me about WAR and how he was looking forward to it. He didn’t say much, but I started researching. I am not 100% sure if he or I found your blog, but either way, we found it. And I started reading it regularly. At some point, I thought to myself: I want to blog about gaming as well. It looks fun.

    I spent one year in WAR and had a lot of fun, despite all the flaws that the game had. I left when I felt that my money was not used to invest into the game.

    Fast forward to now. I’ve been blogging for 2 1/2 years now, got invited to NCsoft’s EU Fan Day before Guild Wars 2 had released, made friends with several other bloggers there and am now actually planning a trip to Greece to made at least one or two people from the guild that I’m in.

    WAR will always have a special place in my heart. Not because it was a great game, but because it started something that eventually led to getting to know people that I’m glad to have in my life now and that I count as friends.

    So, in closing, this isn’t just a “Thank you” to Warhammer, it’s also a “Thank you” to you. 🙂

  3. There is way too much I have to say about this for one comment. I had a love/hate relationship with the game. I loved my Chosen, I have many fond memories of this game, the people I met, the people that inspired me, and time spent with the game, and those people was not time wasted. I got years of entertainment out of the game, that’s more then I can say for some games…how can I call that a failure. .

  4. WAR was a game spoiled by hype, over-promising, and under-delivering. If you remove the hype and the insane expectations, it was a very solid game with some excellent classes. They made tanks relevant to PvP for goodness’ sake! My favorite PvP memories from any game are from charging my various tanks into the enemy swarm and sending them scattering. Good times.

    There were some definite fumbles too, such as the lackluster PvE, and the sometimes too stringent mirroring of the classes (the Chaos Sorcerer summons demon pets that can’t move . . . uh, ok).

    But mostly, the pre-release hype is what killed the game. People came in droves to see the shiny new awesomeness, only to discover it wasn’t the shiny awesomeness they were promised, so they left. Can’t blame them for that. The result though, was the death of the game. RvR requires a critical mass of people, and after the exodus, that didn’t really exist. You could do instanced PvP, which was ok, but still. I think if they’d just had a “normal” marketing campaign, and not promised so much, people would have evaluated the game on it’s own merits and it would have grown slowly over time. They would have had fewer initial box sales, but the game would have been stronger in the long run. But nooo, we got Bears, Bears, Bears, instead.

    Yes, I blame Paul Barnett 😛

  5. I’ll also chalk up my blogging newbie days to WAR. Back when I first started with he horrible class that was the Chaos Sorcerer. I did enjoy my time there, although never did manage to break through Tier 3 on any toon. I still have some fond memories of those early days. I hope that we get a sequel to it and that this time, someone takes the time to do it properly.

  6. I will not soon forget one great moment from my WAR experience that involved Syp. I don’t recall got me reading Syp’s WAR blog, but I was reading it regularly for 2 or 3 weeks when this incident happened. I was on my dwarf running along a road in some zone somewhere, more exploring than questing, when I ran into another dwarf. As I got closer, the name over the character became clearer. It was Syp!! It felt EXACTLY like the moment a few years ago when I ran into Will Farrell at an airport: a celebrity encounter! I said hello. Syp said hello. And I’ve been a regular reader of this blog ever since.

    Thanks for that celebrity sighting and moment. It is one of the fondest memories out of many fun memories I had from the WAR days.

  7. WAR is the only MMO I actually enjoyed leveling in for a while. Then they killed leveling through BGs and put us into a ludicrously monotonous RVR. It liked the idea but the execution just flat.

    Oh well.

  8. For all it’s flaws, some of my fondest MMO memories come from my time spent with my guild in WAR. We were unlucky enough to roll on a server that turned into a ghost town a few weeks from launch. But our server community was fantastic. Due to the low population, BGs never popped for us, so both sides actually had to organise times to meet up and duke it out. But that extra effort made it that much more special, and there was a mutual respect and camaraderie between the two sides (a rarity these days). Good times.

    R.I.P. WAR.

  9. WAR was the first game I was able to get my staunchly single-player-game oriented, then-boyfriend into playing seriously, and the first game that made me less terrified of PvP. The way they introduced NPCs as enemies as recognizable as the opposing faction’s players, and the variety of scenarios at each tier, took so much pressure off that I’ve yet to experience the rush of travelling the realm in search of players to join in on a keep raid. And no matter how transparent the mechanics seem today, I still have fond memories of Public Quests and am glad they’ve managed to permeate the MMO landscape in their many improved varieties. I’m unsurprised by WAR’s demise, but still a little numb with shock that it’s actually an official thing, even though I haven’t played in years, when our guild was lost in a server merge and due to lack of membership was unable to re-launch. I’ll miss that heady first year terribly. Thanks for the memories!

  10. Awesome game, hade a fun year (and some) with it. The lack of proper end game, or even a working one did it for me. Best PVP-game I’ve ever played though, so it’s a shame they never really got the chance to get it working. They had gamers, investers, haters and lovers breathing on their necks too hard. So everything came out too soon from the day 1.

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