Guild Wars 2: One very dead Taco

grouphugI’ve been a little behind the curve of the rest of the Guild Wars 2 community this week in regards to the new, improved, will-most-certainly-kick-your-butt Tequatl battle.  Time just hasn’t worked out for me to do it that often, especially when there’s a long wait between these fights.  I get antsy just waiting around since I only have so much time to game every night.

But everything came together quite nicely last night.  I logged in and heard that the fight was coming in 20 minutes.  The community has obviously cracked this fight and was really organized, forming teams for the turrets, turret defense, and battery defense.  I joined a squad and our leader took us on a quick tour to show us what to do when.

The fight itself was just… nuts.  Everyone stacked in this clanky group hug that you see above.  Just like how real battles happened in history.  I heard the Romans would create one giant dogpile to defeat the elephant-dragons of Hannibal.

My jobs were pretty simple.  In the stack, I just healed: tossed out healing elixirs and healing turrets and revived as best I could.  Not that I could really tell what was going on otherwise to contribute to the offense.  In that mess o’ people, we really couldn’t see the shockwaves coming.  I died a couple of times, but got revived more often than not.

During the megalaser segments, we blitzed over to the north battery and spent a couple of frantic minutes killing and stomping on grub mounds.

We went back and forth between the batteries and the stack three times.  It got really brutal toward the end, as everyone was frantically fighting while watching that last minute timer count down.  It was going to be close… real close.

And then we did it.  Taco died with exactly zero seconds left on the clock, and the crowd went wild.  A victory could’ve been a defeat if we were a second slower and we just couldn’t believe it.

So I got to see Tequatl downed and received a ton of loot and achievement points.  Nothing too awesome with the loot: one exotic, a few rares, and a bunch of odds and ends.  Still, it was a great moment and I’m glad I was there to be a part of it.

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: One very dead Taco

  1. This whole piling up thing really gets on my nerves. I cannot believe it was ever intended behavior – if it was whoever intended it must have a nifty collection of jackets that fasten at the back.

    It was bad enough when the group hug took over WvW but this latest version really is laughable. The entire concept of buffs that last for a few seconds was always suspect, and this just hammers home what a dim mechanic it is. MMO players will always finesse every last drip of benefit out of game mechanics and it’s the job of MMO devs to foresee these things and mitigate against them where they can and act quickly to change them when they can’t.

    This particular idiocy has gone on far too long already. Perhaps the high visibility of such embarassing tactics brought about by the Teq event might lead to changes in how buffs work, but sadly I doubt it.

  2. @bagphuss

    The main change to wvw are not the buffs. It is the terrain.

    Try explore the new terrain and you will see it is made for small group make ambushes. A small group have a lot of places for hide and there are some high places that can be defended by a small group. Too few ways to go to top and that ways sometimes are jumping puzzles..That high places too have cannons.

    The way the terrain was made a small group can give a lot of work for a full zerg…

    BAsicall, the wvw changes give a way for small groups have a function in wvw. Big zergs will fight for keeps, small groups will fight for that buffs.

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