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5 nice little things about Guild Wars 2

gw659This week I feel like doing a short series of posts pontificating on the small things in games — the little bits that aren’t championed often but are still pretty cool when you do notice them.  So here are five nice little things about Guild Wars 2:

1. Day/night cycle

It seems like more and more MMOs these days leave out the day/night cycle, option more for an eternal setting.  So it’s cool to see the moon pop out (and sometimes in phases, I’ve noticed) in GW2.  Plus, some of the game’s events are triggered by whether it’s day or night, so it shakes up things.

2. Universal rezzing

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that giving everyone the ability to rez should be standard in MMOs here on out.  Over a year later, I still see everyone rezzing everyone else, and that creates a nice communal bond.  Plus, the game incentivizes rezzing with XP and a title, and that’s pretty cool too.

3. NPC conversations

While I generally skip the cutscenes these days, I find myself pausing a lot to listen to the little conversations that the NPCs have between each other.  They’re often amusing and informative.  One that sticks out as of late was a mother in Snowden Drifts who was telling a few others how she was traveling to the capital with her sickly daughter.  After hearing that, I went to talk to her even though she didn’t have a quest or event (at least not at the time) attached.  I kind of wished I was able to give them a proper escort to help the kid.

4. Asura animations

Man I love playing my Asura, and her animations are a big part of that.  The flailing of the limbs as she jumps, the wiggling ears, the awesome faceplant she does if she falls too far, and, of course, the robot dance all make me so proud to be part of the best race in the game.

5. Ridiculously big swords

As a Ranger who prefers to play with a greatsword, I feel like I’m cosplaying with FFVII Cloud’s giganto-sword every day.  I mean, the thing is taller than I am, and I’m a Norn.  But it makes me feel powerful to be able to slash that monster around and looks awesome in the process.

7 thoughts on “5 nice little things about Guild Wars 2

  1. I like the day/night cycle too – I don’t know why any game which wants to create an immersive experience would leave it out! I do wish GW2 made more use of the cycle though, with some NPC routines, nocturnal mobs etc.

  2. I’m just thankful there is some more modest looking greatswords too. Chose Khrysaor on my mesmer, slim and elegant, and still have it after many months, haven’t found another greatsword that is as attractive or as fitting.

  3. The only thing I don’t like about GW2’s day/night cycle is that it is different per zone. Day in Queensdale, walk into Kessex Hills and it’s the middle of the night, etc

  4. Couldn’t agree more with João if I tried. My asura mesmer *has* to use greatsword as his main weapon/spec, simply because of the run animation after combat…

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