Beyond Good & Evil: Fart-powered rocket boots

(This is part of my journey playing through Beyond Good & Evil.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

j1So here we are in the game’s first “dungeon”, I suppose: the ancient mine.  It’s not super-long or super-hard, but it does do a great job introducing me to the puzzle-solving mechanics.  First up on the plate, fart-powered rocket boots.

Really.  I’m serious.  Stop giving me that look.  It’s the game, not my purile sense of toilet humor.  Yes, I’m aware this blog’s name is “Bio Break,” I still have class.

So Pey’j reveals that he’s got these rocket boots that are powered by methane from his butt, and that’s just a beautiful statement.  It’s also a good tool, since he can jump on these seesaw platforms to launch me up, stun enemies, and knock these fireball-plants out of their shells.

j2I like the animations, especially how Jade can shimmy up a shaft to hit these buttons.  We keep unlocking paths and opening doors to proceed.

j3Pey’j and I work together to launch a fire orb at conveniently located — and labeled — explosives.  Like all mines, these are just carelessly left in the open for the single adventurer who’s going to come by and use them to clear a path.

j4In the middle of my adventures, I get an email from the IRIS network.  I’m guessing that stands for “Inept Retcon Investigative Services.”

j5Us looking awesome as we contemplate how to best photograph a giant snail.  There’s a lot of new creatures in this mine for my camera, and I finish up a roll and get a new zoom as a reward.  Yay photojournalism!

j6Careful… careful…

Pey’j doesn’t do the physically tricky sections, so it’s up to me to open a path for him.  He does the same for me when he gets a spanner that can cut open grates.

j7Funny line from Pey’j: “Do you want white or wheat toast with those eggs, Ms. Grace Like An Ox?”

j8Yes, this bodes well.  AHHHHH!

j9The big boss, reminding me of something out of a Pixar movie.  The boss fight isn’t too tough, although I couldn’t figure out how to proceed in the beginning before I realized that Pey’j could stun to allow me a few staff strikes.

j10Right after the boss battle, Jade and Pey’j celebrate with a swinging hug.  The interplay between the two is really charming and is making me like this game a lot more than I thought I would be.

j11We send the photo to Mr. De Castillac, who turns out to be… an IRIS agent driving a taxi cab that hid inside a limo.  But of course!

Hahn, I think his name is, gives us a little background.  He said that this was a test to see if we were IRIS material and we passed.  He claims that the Alpha section is working with the DomZ to bleed the planet dry, saving only one person for every ten captured.  This has happened on other planets, and Hillys’ government was taken over too quickly by the Alpha section to fight back.  So we get a passcode for a room in a bar if we want to join up with the resistance to help reveal the conspiracy to the general population.

Do I have a choice?

One thought on “Beyond Good & Evil: Fart-powered rocket boots

  1. tsuhelm October 2, 2013 / 1:26 pm

    I almost hit LIKE before I read the article…

    No flatulent waffle in this blog…

    The game looks kinda enjoyable..up to now I was kinda …meh!

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