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EverQuest 2: The curse of insta-85

eqmessFor my return to EverQuest 2, I decided — perhaps against my better judgement — to take advantage of the current “here’s a free level 85 character!” promotion.  I jacked up my Necro from level 25 to 85, getting a ton of goodies and a huge headache in the process.  Seriously, the entire night was spent standing in one place while I tried to sort all of this out and access my long-term memories as to how this game operated.

I’m sure SOE’s thought of the trickiness involved with this, and perhaps it’s just more geared to people who know the game.  There are a few smartly done aspects, such as giving you a potion that takes you to the Destiny of Velious area and handing you an entire level 85 gear set.  But… egads, it was just too overwhelming.

Some games might be easier than others to jump in at a high level, but EQ2 is not one of them.  In trying just to get my level 85 active, I had to:

  • Sort through my inventory and get a headache trying to figure out what these potions are for
  • Flick through tutorial screens
  • Try — and fail — to find a mailbox to open my unread mail
  • Unpack a lot of veteran crates
  • Spend time running down my character’s stats
  • Redo my character’s appearace
  • Invest 280 AA points into skills and abilities that I either didn’t remember or had no idea what they were used for
  • Make character build decisions without the information I needed to do it wisely
  • Sort and rearrange four hotbars’ worth of skills
  • Fly up in the sky on my pegasus mount and then dive bomb an ice flow a few times

I dunno.  It just feels like too much and I’m fretting that I’ve screwed up a build that I had no idea how to make in the first place.  I mean, thanks for the level 85 SOE, but I think that next week I’ll just slouch my way back to the beginning and create a fresh level 1 for this time around.

11 thoughts on “EverQuest 2: The curse of insta-85

  1. Yikes. It was always tough coming back to unfamiliar hotbars and abilities after a few months away from WoW, but this sounds disorienting on a whole different scale.

  2. I ended up feeling the same after taking advantage of the deal they set up with Tera. I now have a level 55 character which I have no idea how to spec or play and hotbars full of abilities I don’t know. Oh and that part about trying to find a mailbox made me laugh since, you know… *hangs head in shame* yeah, I know exactly how that feels. 🙂

    Anyway, sorry for sidetracking this EQ2 post, just found your story very similar to mine.

  3. I’m off to get Level 85s on all my accounts right after I type this. Mrs Bhagpuss is doing hers as I write. We don’t really need them, having many characters over or around 85 already, but hey, free stuff!

  4. Wait Tera did the same thing? Wow, I feel a return to there coming on too.

    I think SOE anticipated this, which is why they offered you up the *trial* 85 character first, with less headache by pre-applying your AA’s and setting up your hotbars for you. Of course, if you jumped an existing character up, you don’t get those training wheels because they assume you already know the game. I can’t think of how else they could have done it to make it an easier transition.

  5. It is fun/scary/confusing to be confronted with all that comes with jumping to level 85. I had a level 21 Ranger I had really not played much but seeing a guild mate have a blast with his I pushed him to 85. Let the chaos begin!

  6. It did seem daunting at first, but then I noticed that even an upgraded character has AA builds added to the menu. That took hours of confusion and work out of the experience for my shadowknight. I’d played him to level 16 or so so I knew a few of the abilities already and even with all the new stuff and upgrades I can kill stuff with only the first bars-worth in the zone we arrive in. Sure it’ll be a different story if I try grouping but I figure I have time to learn the rest before I’m ready to do a dungeon or whatever.

  7. I had a similar experience in TERA recently, with the added fun of having never played the game before.

    To those who think that MMOs have become too simple: Try saying the same after being instantly catapulted to max level in a game you’ve never played before.

  8. Hahaha… I did the same thing on my pegasus. I didn’t know that there are class builds, the action bar was populated so I just started questing and killing stuff.

  9. I’m currently in the same boat.. I had a gnome necromancer I got to level 12 in Jan of 2012, and then prior to that I had a rogue on a long lost account (which I couldn’t remember the email/username/password) which I got to 22 back in 05. To say I’m lost is a HUUUUGE understatement! As someone who has seen the end-game of many an MMO (Rift, EQ1, WoW {3 level 90s}, CoH, FFXI, TERA) I only have a vague idea of what to do. I can see my brother and pops (who I’ve played EQ with since I was a kid) being just as lost as me.

    I did figure out I can take out yellow badgers though! I’m still trying to test my limits… and figure out which skills are primary to my survival…

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