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I got me a standing desk!

deskWell, I got a conversion for my desk that makes it into a de facto standing desk.

Anyway, this is my big personal purchase for the month: four pieces of wood that I probably should’ve just bought and hammered together myself, but there you go.  I had been thinking about getting a standing desk for a while now, because I know just how much I sit during the day (um… a lot) and how supposedly good they are for your health, energy level, and even weight loss.  Plus, the pamphlet said it strengthens my core, and even at age 37 I have no idea what that is but it sounds just dandy to me.  A stronger core!

As you can see above, it definitely looks a little strange.  It really feels strange to use and I’m wondering how long it’ll take to get used to it.  I’m shifting my feet a lot as I stand, but my upper body is comfy and my arms rest nicely on the desk there.  Plus, it has enough space so my iPad can sit right next to the keyboard for those important Pocket Train updates.

I really hope it does what it promises.  At least psychologically, I like knowing that I’m not going to be sitting as much from now on.  Now, how I’m going to get along with this while gaming for a couple hours straight will remain to be seen…

13 thoughts on “I got me a standing desk!

  1. If it’s anything like when I went from a sit-down job to a stand-up job, it’ll take you about six months to get used to it. I thought my feet would fall off! Once you get used to it, though, it eventually does feel very natural, which of course it is.

    Fortunately standing all day at work means I feel entirely justified in sitting down all evening when I come home, so no standing desk for me.

  2. I know two people that use the standing desk setup, and for both of them it seems to really help their back AND keep their weight down. You burn quite a few more calories standing up apparently!

    Personally I use a big exercise ball as my “seat” at home. Doesn’t seem to counter the amount of ice cream I eat unfortunately so I’m stuck with still having to exercise. ;p

  3. Looks interesting! Jonathan Blow in the movie “Indie Game” had a stand-up programming station iirc, which I thought was nifty. Did you do any research on the optimal height of the keyboard and mouse, Mr. Syp? Your setup seems a little high, which is what I’m dealing with if I want to try this at home using my dresser top, the only thing readily available.

  4. Does standing in one position not cause as many problems as it solves? My sister used to work behind a shop counter and she always claimed that her back and her feet suffered for it.

    Tldr: You need to add a treadmill.

  5. Well, you don’t stand stock still — it encourages you to take short breaks, move around more, and generally just not be sitting for huge blocks of times in a row. Plus, I have a foot rest so I can prop up one foot at a time, like in a bar.

  6. There is a problem: the black conversion is shorter than the brown desk below it so it will force you to lean over a bit. Doing that all day long will be very bad for your spine. I’d move the black conversion to the front (away from the wall) to align it with the front side of the brown desk and put some distance pieces behind it.

    But Justin, I’m 39. So take an advice from an old man: consider getting a high-quality desk that you can move up and down, to be able to easily switch between standing desk and normal desk. Standing all day long isn’t ideal either. Switching every few hours is ideal.

  7. Congratulations Syp, that’s awesome! Yes, I agree with TBTSan, NEXT Month’s “big personal purchase” should be a treadmill. Here’s some pix of mine. I bought the cheapest one Amazon had and took all the arms and stuff off and then slid it under my monitor, drafting table & keyboard:

    I find that I actually like standing the best. Sitting is good. Walking is good. But I really like standing. However, I also find standing the most fatiguing of all 3. I can sit for a while before getting achy. And it’s not hard to walk forever. You aren’t running or jogging, it’s just maybe 1.5 km/h so it’s very easy, you never break a sweat, you can easily talk on the phone, etc.

  8. Thanks for the input folks — I moved the standing desk to my work office, which is working out better for me so far. We’ll see how it goes!

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