Beyond Good & Evil: Joining IRIS

(This is part of my journey playing through Beyond Good & Evil.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

z1After my adventures in the ancient mine, I’m invited to seek the rebel IRIS organization out in the main town. My first stop is a bar run by a giant cow, since this game is still not explaining why there are animal-people everywhere and I’m starting to go mad from not knowing.  I’m also starting to wonder just how many of those orphans we left completely alone on the lighthouse island are still alive.  Two, perhaps?  Cannibalism has to have set in by now.

The cowtender hints at a wealthy objective.  Or he’s just trying to see how gullible and stupid I am.  Center of a volcano, check!  How did you come across this information, by the way?

Upstairs in the bar, “Peepers” is playing a little shell game.  I mention the code phrase, and he gives me a code to unlock a very ordinary bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, a closet has been upgraded with the Scooby Doo Swivel Action, leading me into the IRIS den.

So here we are: the heart of the resistance.  Golly, they’re trusting of me.  Hahn gives me a brief outline of what they know so far: The DomZ and Alpha section are conspiring to kidnap the citizens, who are then transported to a factory, a slaughterhouse, and finally the moon.  THE MOON.

We don’t know what’s going on in these places, and the IRIS’ best double agent was silenced four days ago.  I like how Jade mentions that she still doesn’t know who to trust, because I’m thinking the same thing.  The plot in the game so far is pretty simple and straight, not even giving us much time to fool ourselves into thinking that the Alpha section is anything but the bad guys.  So will Beyond Good & Evil surprise me and have layers of complexity and intrigue?  Or will this be a simple “photograph the conspiracy and save the day” mission?

If nothing else, I too want to know what’s under those Alpha section helmets…


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