WildStar: My race picks from most to least favorite

mordeshI’ve got WildStar on the brain again, as I’m internally cursing Carbine for making my prospective racial choice for my main character a really tough one.  Instead of one race leaping out as “the best,” I could easily see myself playing about five of the eight races and not being disappointed with them.  But as for right now, here’s my preferences from most to least favorite:

1. Mordesh

You had me at “techno space zombies.”  I love playing zombie or mechanical races, such as WoW’s Forsaken, because they ooze imperfection (and other bodily fluids).  I not only really dig the patched-together-by-science look of the Mordesh, but their backstory too.  They mostly got wiped out by a plague and the survivors were shunned by the oh-so-pure Dominion.  I’m also leaning toward playing Exile, so the Mordesh seem like a good fit.

2. Aurin

Shut up.  I know this is the closest the game has to elves, but there’s something drawing me to them and I don’t just mean the Playboy Bunny facade.  I think I just like races that project a light-hearted goofy attitude.  Plus tails are kind of cool.

3. Chua

Normally, the default tiny race would be my top pick, but there’s something holding me back about these guys.  I kind of get a New Jersey auto mechanic-meets-Aussie Outback vibe from them, and the crazy anarchist streak is somewhat appealing, but it’s almost like they’re trying too hard.  Still, they’d be a solid pick.

4. Mechari

C’mon, sentient robots are always awesome.  It’s a shame they’re Dominion, but such is life.  They remind me a bit of DDO’s Warforged, and those were always fun to play.  They feel different when you’re piloting something that doesn’t have living flesh.

5. Cassian

If I was forced to take the boring human route, I’d probably prefer Cassian over Exile Human just because they have this cold, severe aesthetic that is wicked awesome.

6. Exile Human

Man, Carbine just struggles with naming this race, don’t they?  It’s listed as “Human (Exile)” which is just all kinds of awkward.  Anyway, they get points for being Exile and having all class picks available, but they’re also the vanilla choice.

7. Granok

Eh, big hulking stone dudes.  That might be some people’s things, but that’s the polar opposite of what I usually go for.

8. Draken

Is it me, or do the Draken seem like a race that was designed by and for 8th grade boys who want something that looks like the cover of an only-slightly-risque heavy metal album?  There’s just nothing about this race that appeals at all, sorry.


5 thoughts on “WildStar: My race picks from most to least favorite

  1. gazimoff October 4, 2013 / 9:25 am

    Some solid choices there! I can understand why you like the Mordesh, although the Aurin do have some other interesting facets with the whole matriarchal society and the males being physically inferior to female.

    I was thinking about going Cassian myself – WildStar have managed to make the British look cool, and I was almost going to do it out of loyalty. But after a few ‘episodes’ almost everyone is suggesting I go Chua. Can’t complain, as they’re an awesome race 🙂

  2. Fidjit October 4, 2013 / 9:57 am

    The Mordesh are pretty awesome, but I can’t bring myself to like any of the other Exile races. The Aurin in particular… I mean, the hippie human-but-with-bunny-ears-and-cat-tail thing. Ugh. It sends all the wrong vibes to me.

    Chua, Mechari, and Mordesh are the ones for me.

  3. Attic Lion October 4, 2013 / 10:33 am

    Personally I’ve found the zombies and gerbils to be bit too tryhard for my tastes, at least going by what I’ve seen of them. I say this even though I typically love tiny, slightly mad characters with a Napoleonic streak: like tarutaru, gnomes, goblins, and asura.

    Personally, I favor the Cassians, because I love 40k and their design just screams Imperium of Man; the Granok, because I also really like golems; and the Mechari, because, as you say, robots are cool.

    Totally not feeling the bunnygirls or the space rednecks. I also keep forgetting that the Draken even exist.

    Also hoping that the remaining classes have something that blows my mind, ’cause I ain’t really all that excited about what’s out so far.

  4. Tyler F.M. Edwards October 4, 2013 / 11:39 am

    As with most aspects of the game, I’m not thrilled with the race choices in WildStar. With that being said, the Mechari are all kinds of awesome. Ancient alien killbots? Sign me the Hell up.

    Unfortunately, they can’t be spellslingers, so I’ll probably settle for a Cassian if and when I try the game. I like their arrogance.

  5. Sweatcake October 6, 2013 / 5:00 am

    Realy, am i the onlyone that do’s mot like the Mordesh? My no. 1 is the Mechari, then the Chua.

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