Last shortie standing

I’ve never been a big-numbers kind of guy.  Chasing the DPS dream is fine for some, but when I look at my current crop of characters, one theme stands out: survivability.  My Templar in TSW has a purple tanking headpiece for an extra 2000 health and has four emergency healing/shielding skills on hand.  My Engineer in GW2 has specced and geared full-on flametank, with constant regeneration coupled with loads of toughness and vitality.  My Captain in LOTRO is, well, a Captain.  She just doesn’t die, ever.

For me, trading the big numbers for slightly-less-big numbers is really worth it to me.  It’s invaluable in soloing, and even in group situations I like to think that it helps the team because I’m not face-planting as much or being a big drag on the healer.

Survivability and durability is attractive because I do want to be the last shortie standing.  I don’t usually go so far as to become a tank, but if there’s a way to do half-and-half, I’m there.  If the fight takes an extra five or 10 seconds because of it, that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make.

3 thoughts on “Last shortie standing

  1. I’m of a similar mind, though I wonder what raid leaders might think about it. I get the sense that some will push for more optimization of the trinity role.

    Then again, I play a Druid in WoW, and love the ability to step up and “offtank” if the occasion arises. I want to be flexible and durable enough to take a pounding in a pinch, whether it’s to save my own hide or the rest of the team. The “glass cannon” DPS style never did appeal to me.

  2. I’m exactly the same. Despite not being a particular fan of the tanking role, I seem to gravitate towards tanky classes. The Riftstalker in Rift, Warden in LOTRO, Guardian in GW2…
    Just that “never say die” feeling of invulnerability you get while 5 mobs are pounding on you with little effect while you whittle them down and dispose of them one by one.

  3. I think my own play style is changing. During my time in WoW, I was all about playing the glass cannon. Now that game systems are moving over to a more active combat style, I prefer something with a bit more armour and a little less damage. Maybe tastes change over time, or maybe I’m just adapting to my own decaying reflexes.

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