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The Secret World comes highly recommended

doorYesterday I posed a simple question in Massively’s Daily Grind: What MMO would you recommend to others?  I was really interested to see the answers, and after reading through them, I thought I’d compile the top 10 recommendations by number of unique (per commenter) mentions:

  1. The Secret World (28 mentions)
  2. EVE Online (19)
  3. Guild Wars 2 (15)
  4. Lord of the Rings Online (12)
  5. Star Wars: The Old Republic (12)
  6. RIFT (11)
  7. World of Warcraft (10)
  8. Star Trek Online (9)
  9. Final Fantasy XIV (6)
  10. Age of Conan (5)

Now this is not a serious poll and I had to disregard troll posts and side conversations, but it still ended up producing interesting results.  I mean, this isn’t “What MMOs are you currently playing,” but “What MMOs would you recommend to others.”

And if nothing else, it showed me kind of what I see every day on the site: that there’s a serious love for The Secret World going on.  It’s certainly not the most-played game right now, but people who like it REALLY like it and are quite willing to promote it word-of-mouth.  It’s a wonderfully flawed and unique title in the MMO space, in my opinion, and I pitch my voice right alongside of the others.

As for the rest of the results, EVE always gets a lot of vocal supporters, although it might be a hard sell to recommend this to an MMO newbie.

There are some pretty expected ones — lots of love still going on for SWTOR, I see — although Age of Conan was a surprise.  I also saw folks pitching for Ryzom (3), Vanguard (4), Fallen Earth (3), Everquest II (4), and TERA (3).  So there was certainly a wide array of recommendations.

10 thoughts on “The Secret World comes highly recommended

  1. Sadly my desktop computer is on its last legs which means I am stuck playing on my work laptop, hence my main game TOR is installed but all my other MMOs languish on my PC waiting for when I get around to upgrading.

  2. @tsuhelm You gotta try TSW, man. You just missed a 3-day trial put on by And I don’t know if Steam still has it for $15. Buy to Play, sub is optional.

  3. When I was halfway through Egypt I recommended TSW to my brother and got him to start playing. Then he was running NMs before I even started Elites. Blew right past me!

  4. Thank you for compiling the data from that post on Massively. I may have to give TSW and EVE a try sometime seeing as they are the top two recommendations.

  5. Interesting ranking. I wondered if it was tied to IP or to the frequency of Massively columns on those games but without a much bigger sample size who knows? A great question though. I joined MMOs only because one of my best friends patiently chipped away at my reservations over the course of several months (WoW back in 2007). Since then the tables have turned and I’ve recruited a number of friends and family members into games I thought they’d enjoy playing with me.

  6. I am not surprised that Age of Conan made it into the top 10 of that list. If you want to play a fantasy themed MMO but do not want to go for one of the high fantasy alternatives the market is swamped with, then it is a good option. Same as TSW, it is a wonderfully flawed game – it has its quirks, but also some brilliant parts.

    Both TSW and AoC would in my top choices for games to recommend.

  7. I think the responses were a little mixed due to some people treating the question as “what MMO would you recommend to someone new to the genre?”, and some treating it as “what MMO would you recommend to an MMO gamer who hadn’t played it?”. But it was certainly an interesting set of responses, and no doubt The Secret World was very well spoken of by a lot of people.

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