Beyond Good & Evil: How the sausage is made

(This is part of my journey playing through Beyond Good & Evil.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

q1With a couple of fuses at our disposal, we’re able to repair the elevator and go to a fresh new level of hell in this factory.  Hey Pey’j, I double-dog dare you to touch that wire!
As I’m off photographing mice, as is my wont, Pey’j is discovered, brutally beaten, and… er, pignapped.  It all happens in lush slow-motion so you can really appreciate the severity of the blows and the cute squeals he makes.

Man, I’m starting to think that this game is bringing out my sociopathic side.
In a not-too-subtle bit of foreshadowing, prior to his beating Pey’j hands me a disc.  This turns out to be some sort of confession/infodump on his behalf, in which he tells me something my character probably knows and something I don’t — the fact that he’s got a spaceship squirreled away in the lighthouse.

And hey, I’m going to need to go to the moon when I advance to World 4-1!  What a coincidence!

Pey’j also mentions codes for the ship but doesn’t say what they are because OF COURSE NOT.
With my fat bumbling sidekick out the of the way, I’m free to go off on my own and enjoy a little peace and… dang it, Double-H!  Why does the world hate me so?

The meathead shows up behind bars, and this theme continues every time we meet.  We’re near, but oh so far apart, and our love will always be unrequited.
It’s about here that the game switches to full-on stealth mode, forcing me to avoid guards by all means necessary.  I don’t have time for it right now, so let’s just say that there’s a rant brewing about how much I hate stealth mechanics in games.

The tour through the world’s most impractical factory continues, and here we see x-rays of the crates that are flowing through the place.  I guess they’re holding kidnapped victims or fossils.
In every factory that I know of, open doorways lead to walkways that shoot huge plumes of fire for no good reason.  Hey Meathead!  Dare you to close your eyes and take two steps forward!



In a closet (a niche, really), I take time out of my busy schedule to feed insects so I can photograph them. I’m making a scrapbook to show the orphans’ ghosts when we get back.


Pey’j’s shoes! I am overwhelm with emotions! Woe!
Five hundred stealth rooms later, and I find an Mdisk player to look at this security footage of Pey’j being shipped off to his doom. I play it again and again and again.

And once more for good luck.

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