Beyond Good & Evil: Your excellency

(This is part of my journey playing through Beyond Good & Evil.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

e1We pick up on Jade’s exciting adventures through the kidnapping factory as she approaches the control room. There, we finally see a member of the Alpha section without his helmet — and it ain’t pretty. He’s a mutated, scaly dude that doesn’t exactly ooze good intentions. Ooze, yes. Good intentions, not so much.
e2There are a few more of these stealth rooms to get through. Again, I’m not a fan of stealth puzzles, but at least they are puzzles in a sense. One good thing I’ll say about this game is that it’s pretty painless to keep trying. Every time you’re discovered and killed, you instantly restart at the beginning of that room instead of having to load from a save game. So really it’s all about figuring out the pattern of the guards and how to “unlock” that room’s puzzle. Enough trial and error will get you through almost anything.
e3With the photos of the Alpha section unmasked and the x-rays of the crates sent off to IRIS, the governor finally sends me a key to get into the loading dock. Gee, that’s nice of you lady, especially since my uncle’s been porcinenapped. Way to put work ahead of family. Unfortunately, I get there too late and Pey’j is put on a shuttle for “The Slaughterhouse.” That sounds like a fun place that we can all get behind.
e4A DomZ shows up, and the floating eyeball/tentacle thing delivers me another flash where I see a four-armed lady looking into a crystal ball. Because I like to predict things, I’m going to call it: This is my mother. Let’s see if the game backs that up later on.
e5The DomZ isn’t that pleased with the Alpha dude overlooking my presence and fries his brain. Hey DomZ, could you beat up the rest of the guards in the game too? That would be a big help!
The DomZ uses its Borg-like powers to pull machinery to it and assemble a two-legged walking tank. Meathead shows up and we work in tandem to knock the legs down, shoot the DomZ, and repeat that a few times. With the Factory boss finally killed, it’s time to boogey out of here.


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