Fallen Earth: A horse and a girl

horseMy recent return to the post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon of Fallen Earth has been slow-going but oddly satisfying.  I don’t craft in any other MMOs at the moment, but I can’t resist doing so in this game.  There’s something very compelling about constantly harvesting and queuing up recipes.

So my character’s name is Syppi, and she’s still in her starter town of Midway.  I’ve been taking my time to do all of the quests for the sweet AP and the free crafting books, vacuuming up mats as I go about my business.  It’s a nice re-introduction to the game, as I’ve been here before and that familiarity is triggering all of my memories of how to play.

My goal with Syppi is to eventually craft and use shotguns, although right now she’s stuck with her initial rifle and fire axe.  I did make some good progress on my transportation, however, “crafting” a racing horse to replace my old nag.  She’s faster, has a big inventory, and is full-up on stamina.  I honestly like the horses more in this game than the vehicles.  I think I might just stick with them.

I did wrap up all of the quest lines in Midway, culminating with a raid on the CoG underground bunker to mess with them a bit.  In keeping with Fallen Earth’s quirky, offbeat, and sometimes dark humor, the CoGs all worship old technology like broken fridges and cell phones.  And their leader’s name is Mother Board.

You really have to take the Fallen Earth package as a whole deal, warts and gems and all.  The combat isn’t always the most exciting (although I do like pegging enemies with head shots while they try to run up to me), the AI is sometimes laughable, and there’s a complexity here that takes some getting used to.  But dang if it’s not a really great setting with lots of funny bits, and there’s a great deal of satisfaction in being able to make all of the gear you use.

My next steps for Syppi’s journey is to take her to Odenville for a few quests as well as to work on her initial crafting.  Her gear load-out is very thin right now, and while nothing’s seriously challening her in the combat department, that time will eventually come.

2 thoughts on “Fallen Earth: A horse and a girl

  1. ficklegaming October 12, 2013 / 4:35 pm

    I so wanted to love fallen earth when it first came out, I loved the setting and the idea that 95% of everything in the game is made by players and that as you played from the start you were working towards the build of you own vehicle. But I just couldn’t get past the dated ui and clunky graphics, other than that I could of lost so much time to this game.

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