Picture Thursday

I don’t have any pressing topics to talk about today, so instead I’ll share one screenshot from every game I’m playing right now:

Last night the load lag was so bad in Guild Wars 2 that Lion’s Arch took almost 9 minutes to fully load, one piece at a time. So here’s a shot of what it looks like when the game decides that it’s going to take a break and use filler characters.
A cool (har) conversation between Saruman and his ice giant minion. I just liked how it looked, no big story here.
Dolls. Why does it always have to be dolls?
This NPC conversation had me in stitches as besieged farmers were panicking while fending off blood rabbits.


One thought on “Picture Thursday

  1. rowan October 17, 2013 / 10:56 am

    Heh, just last night I was running through the tail end of a Dream to Kill. Awesomely creepy dolls.

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