Beyond Good & Evil: Final thoughts

beyondWell, sometimes you just run out of steam with a game, especially when you recognize that it’s just not up your alley.  That time has come for Beyond Good & Evil, as I’m just not looking forward to playing it but am itching to move on to some of my other titles.

I was really hoping to make it all the way through this one.  It had a lot of promise, with an interesting setting, the intriguing hint of a conspiracy, a couple fun characters, and nice visuals.  But for a guy who was looking forward to sitting down with a pure adventure game, what I got here was a disappointing blend that is clearly aimed at covering up the adventure elements in favor of console platforming/stealthing antics.

Gameplay-wise, Beyond Good & Evil just doesn’t do anything super-well.  The stealth is annoying, as stealth is.  The combat is basic (and the lack of jumping is strange).  The game itself is divided between the “hub” of the world and the “dungeons” of the mines, the factory, the slaughterhouse, and so on.  After two full dungeon runs, I pretty much know what the rest of the game’s going to offer here, and it’s not for me.  It’s kind of why I stopped playing the Zelda games around Orcana of Time.  I can recognize that for some folks, it’s a brilliant game, but it’s just going to make me cross-eyed to play it.

I guess I was also expecting something a little deeper in the story department.  It feels no more or less complicated than something you’d see on a kids’ cartoon, and deus ex machina runs rampant throughout.

I will give it props for some really good voice acting and the entertaining interchanges between the main characters.  It’s a shame there wasn’t more of it.

I think I can part peacefully from this game and move on.  I know there’s a sequel in the works, but unless it’s going to commit to doing at least one gaming style really well instead of a bunch halfway decent, I’ll probably pass.

Next up on the retro game safari rotation, it’s a wild card game!  Check back here later today for the poll.


One thought on “Beyond Good & Evil: Final thoughts

  1. tsuhelm October 21, 2013 / 12:42 pm

    I liked it was the end of good and evil!
    Bring on the poll…
    When do we get to vote on the best old game you have blogged about?

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