Three things I like about Hearthstone… and three things I don’t

wow-ptr-5-4-hearthstone-board-3Hearthstone gets at least a few matches with me every day, and after a couple of weeks, I thought I’d make up a short list of what I’m liking and what I’m not.

Three things I like about Hearthstone

1. The daily quests

Doin’ yer dailies is one of those must-do activities in Hearthstone, because you just don’t want to pass up that 40 gold.  I mean, three dailies done is a free pack of cards, and I like how the dailies encourage me to try different heroes and strive for various goals.  I also like how the game saves up three dailies at a time, so you have a few days to get one done if you’re on a losing streak or what have you.

2. The relaxed pace of the matches

Unlike Magic, I don’t have to concern myself too much with what’s going on during my opponent’s turn.  I don’t have interrupts to throw, etc., which means that as long as I vaguely know what just happened, I can use that time to tab out for a few seconds or read another page in my book.  Ending the day by reading while playing a few Hearthstone matches is becoming routine for me now.

3. The cards are easy to understand and combo

It’s just the right level of complexity for me.  I don’t have to read up on a thousand keywords, but with tooltips and common sense I can easily deduce how cards interact.  I learn a lot from watching my opponents play, and often end matches with new ideas how to use my cards in the future.

Three things I don’t like about Hearthstone

1. The bugs

I’ve had the game crash a few times (usually on start-up) and the visuals are quite glitchy.  Sometimes the card art doesn’t show up at all or the text is all mangled and gibberishy.

2. The matchmaking service

I have no idea what’s going on with the matchmaking service in this game, because from match to match it wildly varies.  I’ve gone up against legendary-slinging foes with my basic cards, and I’ve stomped all over newbies.  You always have some sort of chance when you’re going up against an opponent with rarer cards, but not a great chance — and that’s when the pressure to buy more cards kicks in.

3. The way it makes you want to play WoW

Yeah, this is supposed to be a nice little hit of nostalgia, not a gateway drug to pull me back into WoW.  But really, all of Hearthstone is an advertisement for WoW, from the visuals to the classes to the spells and creatures.  I do not need to go back to WoW right now.  Please do not tempt me further.

And in the middle: the music.

The music that’s here is great, but it’s only like three tracks.  Hearthstone needs more tuns, man!

6 thoughts on “Three things I like about Hearthstone… and three things I don’t

  1. seth October 22, 2013 / 9:21 am

    The matchmaking has been a crapshoot for me too. I’ve been playing with just the starter decks to practice, and I wish you could search for people just doing the same thing.

    Hearthstone hasn’t made me want to go back to WoW, but it DOES make me want to play more Magic, hah.

  2. battlechicken October 22, 2013 / 9:42 am

    Hearthstone just makes me want to play more Hearthstone. >.<

    I haven't had any bugs or glitches, but I have experienced the matchmaking thing–my first day playing I went against a guy with a completely loaded deck. Now I get all my heroes to 10 in practice before I ever go into Play mode.

  3. Richard October 23, 2013 / 12:25 am

    Not being able to play Hearthstone but watching a lot of videos of people playing it makes me want to go back to WoW. Especially when people start talking about memories of places in WoW. Makes me want to go see what has changed. But not being able to play is brutal. It’s like all the other kids having fun while you have to stay indoors and do homework. Blech.

    The matchmaking service currently isn’t functioning as it should. It only every picks Worthy Opponent. It doesn’t properly match up with people of the proper skill level. So it’s one big thing they have to get working before launch. Currently the best way to play is Arena, as it puts everyone on a more equal ground.

  4. Mathieu M (@Dragonours) October 23, 2013 / 12:57 am

    Man, I’ve renewed my WoW sub for 2 months in a row thanks to this game !
    Didn’t know it made other people feel the same need to play that MMO again.
    It’s just crazy !

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