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/AFK: Absent friends edition

afkIt’s been a couple of years since /AFK last haunted Bio Break, so I thought it was high time to bring it back.  As we raise our glasses to absent friends and features, we also look forward to the glorious future.

So what can you expect from /AFK on Saturdays from now on?  Three things: a run-down of the top ten blog posts that caught my eye, a list of the movies that Mutant Reviewers covered, and links to my columns on Massively.  It’s all the reading you need for a relaxing Saturday morning with Nixon!

Top Ten Blog Posts This Week

  1. Why I Game: Blood and Madness improves quality of life
  2. Away from Game: Leveling is a Grind
  3. Tales of the Aggronaut: Failing Resolve
  4. The Fantatical Swordsman: Will Galactic Starfighter be an actual expansion?
  5. This Way to the Hollow Earth: Have you heard the grim tale of the foot fairy?
  6. TR Red Skies: EverQuest Next Landmark so far
  7. MMO Gypsy: Tanks, Healers, DPS and Time
  8. Inventory Full: The train stops here: City of Steam
  9. Healing the Masses: GW2’s collection of collaboration
  10. Seen any elves?  Skycandy

New NBI blogs you should check out

From Mutant Reviewers

Syp @ Massively

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