Heroes of Might and Magic III: New Beginning

new1(This is part of my journey playing through Heroes of Might and Magic III.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

It’s time to dig into the meat of Heroes of Might and Magic III, and to do that I’m going to skip right past the single scenarios (of which there are just dozens) and go right to the campaign.  The game has four campaigns, with multiple sections in each.  Did I mention how much content is in here?  I select the first part of the first campaign, New Beginning.

new2So I’m stepping into the role of Gem, a battle-hardened — yet oh-so-fetching — veteran who’s come to a land under attack.  With her recent acquisition of a first aid tent (yup), she’s going to fight off the necromancer army.  Good luck with that!

I start out with a hero, a very small army, and two tiny cities.  I’m kind of learning as I go here, so I spend a few minutes figuring out how to build structures — I guess I can only make one a day.  I also recruit a second hero, a ranger, and give her a few centaurs as a welcoming present.  They fight like men and they poop like horses.

new3So here’s the starting area.  You can see various landmarks that need to be explored and/or conquered.  I already found an evil hourglass that negates all luck in battle, which I guess is useful for nothing since I don’t want to cancel out my own luck.

I see a Dwarven treasury and swoop in.  The game informs me that it’s defended, so to my first battle I go.  It’s just 20 or so Dwarves versus my 51 centaurs and 10 dwarves, so naturally

new4Yup.  Total faceplant in my first fight.  Can’t get too mad at dwarves, they always rock.  Well, back to the hero drawing board!

Meanwhile, Gem spies what looks like a portal, but she’s turned away by a guard who informs me that I need to find a keymaker’s tent.  Or you could just let me by, Mr. Guard.  I guess that’d be TOO EASY.

Gem turns back north and investigates that fire elemental guarding what looks like some tasty gems.  However, the second I get into combat I see that the enemy is probably going to wipe my nose and ask for another blow of boogers, so I learn from my lesson with the dwarves and retreat right away.

Which, naturally, fails the campaign.

new5As I said, I’m kind of learning this game from scratch here.  I guess that there was a fail condition that Gem couldn’t be defeated, and since I retreated that counted as a defeat.  And we all know that defeats are followed by gimp suit-wearing gentlemen who haul out a guillotine into the middle of a field, set up three braziers, and chop heads off.

Oh well.  There’s always another try tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Heroes of Might and Magic III: New Beginning

  1. Are you sure that’s the first campaign? If memory serves right it should be about the queen coming home to find the land of Erathia in war, and you play as the ‘human’ faction, not the ‘forest’ one. Could it be you are playing one of the expansions (the second one was standalone I believe)? They could prove to be more difficult than needed if you haven’t played the original game.

  2. Yeah, that’s not the first campaign. You started a campaign of “Shadow of Death” when you want “Restoration of Erathia.” First campaign is “Long Live the Queen.”

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