Bio Break’s 27 most anticipated games

wasteland-2-ranger-closeupJust for kicks, I’ve been working on a list of all of the games — MMO and otherwise — that I’ve been looking forward to playing in the upcoming year.  Here they are, ranked from most anticipated to lukewarm anticipated.

1. WildStar

I don’t know if it’s cool or uncool to be rabidly excited about WildStar, but I am.  The look, the housing, the sci-fi bent, the paths, the races, and the world all have me giddy thinking about it.  It definitely is speaking to the part of me that used to love WoW, although I know in my head that it won’t be quite the same experience.  Is it too much to hope it’ll be better?

2. EverQuest Next

Yeah, SOE’s got me on board for their next big MMO.  I like the ideas that are being put forth, although execution of those ideas are going to be the big deciding factor.  But being free-to-play and visually stunning are two big pluses in its favor, and I am tantalized by the notion of mix-and-matching collected classes.

3. Wasteland 2

Wasteland was one of the seminal RPGs from my childhood, and that coupled with my love of post-apocalyptic settings has me really on fire for this title.  Time for the Desert Rangers to ride again!

4. The Walking Dead Season 2

The first season of the Walking Dead absolutely captivated me this year from start to end.  It’s at times scary, horrific, exciting, touching, and nail-bitingly ambiguous.  In fact, I liked it better than the show, and I can’t wait to continue Clementine’s journey (maybe?) in season 2.

5. Dreamfall Chapters

Where Ragnar Tornquist goes, I will follow.  The Longest Journey and its sequel are among my all-time favorite adventure games, and I simply need more.

6. The Sims 4

Every new Sims game gets me so excited for house-building and people-watching, and even though I quickly drifted away from Sims 2 and 3, I will rekindle my hope that 4 has what it takes to bring back the addiction of the original.

7. EverQuest Next Landmark

More of a sandbox title than EQN and sort of a weird game overall to understand, I’m nevertheless on board for a little Landmark action.  I’m certainly not getting my housing fix in my current MMOs, and I’d love to see the EQN engine in action.

8. Shroud of the Avatar

Richard Garriott’s spiritual successor to the Ultima franchise looks more and more promising with each post I read.  I’m on board for whatever comes out, although I am a little hesitant at the sort-of generic look of it in the previews.

9. Star Citizen

I kind of feel like Star Citizen is a cult these days, what with the rabid fans surrounding it, but that’s fine as long as I get a good space sim.  Let’s just hope it’s EVE without the jerks and extreme learning curve.

10. Starbound

This combination of SNES graphics, FTL, and Terraria has me really intrigued.  It’s a procedurally generated scifi adventure game where you spend a lot of time hopping between planets, exploring them, and engaging in a variety of sandboxy activities.

11. The Long Dark

This minimalistic-looking apocalyptic survival sim has caught a lot of gamers’ attention, mine included.  I like the focus on surviving in the northern wilderness with the focus on providing a sandbox experience.  This could turn heads if they do it right.

12. Cube World

This odd mash-up of Minecraft, WoW, Diablo, and Zelda has gathered enough admirers for me to start thinking that it has the potential to be an indie cult hit.  It’s still in development and a lot of its features remain to be seen, but I could definitely see myself jouncing through this world.

13. Out There

Another title in the FTL category — you pilot a ship that explores a hostile universe, landing on planets, and looking for any way to survive.  I really like the comic book style of it and I’m obviously a sucker for FTL-like games.

14. Wasteland

With Wasteland 2 on the way, the team’s also re-releasing Wasteland 1 on GOG and elsewhere.  This is a slightly enhanced version, too, that incorporates the paragraphs into the game itself.

15. The Repopulation

I’ve been pretty dismissive of this indie MMO so far, but I’m starting to come around — enough, at least, to give it a shot when it releases.  It’s reminding me a little of Fallen Earth with even more sandbox elements, and that’s cool.

16. Wizards & Warp Drives

D&D in space with arcade shooting.  Yeah.  I think this deserves a look.

17. Firefly Online

I think that complainers need to realize that Firefly was never going to be a huge AAA MMO and that getting a mobile MMO is a serious win.  We know little about it, but I love the series and will hope it’ll be an at least halfway-good game.

18. Spacebase DF-9

Doublefine is a great developer, and I will be right there on day one to play their space station sim.  By the way, Costume Quest is hilarious — thanks to CSTM for that recommendation!

19. Broken Age

Speaking of Doublefine, here’s an adventure game where a girl  on a fantasy world and a boy on a spaceship have some sort of parallel journey.

20. City of Titans

OK, there’s no big hopes for me on this one.  It’s as indie as they come and probably coded with the wishes and shattered dreams of City of Heroes fans.  But if they can pull it off, that would be a game worth seeing, methinks.

21. DayZ Standalone

I haven’t played DayZ yet, as I’ve been waiting for the updated standalone version to come out.  Post-apoc zombie survival is a great genre, and people did rave about the hardcore nature of it.

22. TUG

It’s a cute sandbox MMO that’s got cute graphics and some interesting social ideas.  OK, make me love you, TUG.

23. Elite: Dangerous

I look at Elite as the backup to Star Citizen.  If one sucks, hopefully the other will be that space sim MMO that I’ve been craving.

24.The Elder Scrolls Online

I’m including this on the list because while I’m not yet on board, I’d be foolish to make up my mind at this point.  TESO has a huge fanbase, a big budget, and a couple of ideas that have started to make me look at it as something other than a very generic MMO.

25. Tablet versions of FTL and Hearthstone

Even though I have both of these on the PC, man I can’t wait until they arrive on tablets.  They both seem just made for that platform.

Update!  I totally forgot these:

26. Project Eternity

27. Torment: Tides of Numenera

10 thoughts on “Bio Break’s 27 most anticipated games

  1. seth October 29, 2013 / 11:48 am

    Is Project Eternity on your radar? The Kickstarter updates on this one I think have me more excited than anything else coming up.

  2. tsuhelm October 29, 2013 / 12:05 pm

    I have been following Elite since I was 14, (it gave the world TSU, Commander Tsunami I miss you!) so this newest iteration has me on tenterhooks…if my PC cannot handle it, it WILL be replaced!

    A game that may take me away from LOTRO…

  3. Syp October 29, 2013 / 12:27 pm

    @Seth – Ah yeah, I forgot about that one! It definitely is one I’d love to play. Oh, and the new Torment game. I’ll have to add those.

  4. seth October 29, 2013 / 12:41 pm

    Yes, Torment too! I’ve been tempted to pick up the Numenara core book and start digging into the world.

  5. Liore October 29, 2013 / 12:46 pm

    Not to rain on your parade at all, but I played The Repopulation at PAX and it was *terrible*. I mean, the content may have been okay but I couldn’t tell because just moving around was frustrating.

  6. Warsyde October 29, 2013 / 12:48 pm

    I’m with you on City of Titans. I backed it, mostly as a repudiation of City of Heroes untimely demise, but I don’t really hold out a lot of hope. The almost daily backer e-mails gushing with “pie in the sky” developer ideas just makes it worse. Let’s nail down a reasonable scope and focus on delivering a solid game, ok guys? You don’t have the funding to deliver the game you’re dreaming about . . . (not that there’s anything wrong with dreaming, just don’t put it in an e-mail to your “investors” when you probably can’t deliver on it).

    I hope to be pleasantly surprised . . . it’s not like CoH itself was developed by a crew of experienced industry veterans.

    I find it interesting the number of games on that list that are crowdfunded. I funded them too, so that’s not a judgement, but it’s interesting that, at least for a certain demographic, titles being kickstarted are generating more excitement than “AAA” games with 10x the budget.

  7. Tyler F.M. Edwards October 29, 2013 / 2:05 pm

    Truth be told, there aren’t many upcoming games I’m excited about. Plenty I’m curious about and plan to try, but few that I’m hotly anticipating. D3: Reaper of Souls, SC2: Legacy of the Void, the next Mass Effect game… That’s about all that comes to mind, really.

  8. l0n3gun October 29, 2013 / 2:48 pm

    I have been burned by jumping on the bandwagon for upcoming games that now I wait a month or more after the game has been released. The only one on your list I am looking forward to is EQ Next Landmark.

  9. Green Armadillo October 30, 2013 / 7:11 pm

    I’ve been busy enough with current titles that I haven’t been looking very far forward, especially outside my existing titles. Of this list, only the Hearthstone tablet app jumps out. Then again, I would not have called my current level of interest in Marvel Heroes and FFXIV, so I guess there’s always room for something to surprise.

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