/AFK: Hallo-happiness edition

funny-pumpkinWell, it was a rainy Halloween in my neck of the woods, but that didn’t deter my kids from wanting to go door-to-door screaming “TRICK OR TREAT!”  And now I’m coming down from the Halloween high, both in real life and in games.  Going to miss all the spookiness!

Top Ten Blog Posts This Week

  1. Tales of the Aggronaut: Playing dice with humanity
  2. MMOGC: Trials in Trick or Treating
  3. LOTRO Players: Why I’m looking forward to Helm’s Deep
  4. Kill Ten Rats: Hearthstone — The Deck’s League
  5. MMOQuests: The City of Freeport timeline
  6. Casual Aggro: Up-leveling, down-leveling, and how they are broken
  7. MMO Gypsy: How that other MMO keeps ruining my gameplay experience
  8. Cogitationes Astalnaris: The awkwardness of games
  9. Thinking Play: Reflections on the NBI
  10. Harpy’s Nest: Afraid of the Dark

From Mutant Reviewers

Syp @ Massively

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