Heroes of Might & Magic III: Mega-army

(This is part of my journey playing through Heroes of Might and Magic III.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

Sorry for the sporadic nature of this current playthrough series.  I’ve just been crushed, time-wise, and haven’t had many available lunch breaks for retro gaming.  But let’s get back to fantasy strategy boardgaming, shall we?

I’m finding HOMM3 a challenging game to write up. I just assumed that it would fall into the same category of Master of Orion, that is, “I’m making up my own story as I go along.” This hasn’t been the case, really. I mean, it does provide me with a wide strategy field and individual journeys, but so far there isn’t an overarching tale so much as “explore and complete encounters.”

This is fun to do, don’t misunderstand me. It just doesn’t make for high theater when I’m relating it to you. I shall do my best, however.

Christian the Knight is still on his multi-week sea voyage, picking up jetsam and the occasional shipwrecked sailor. He does get into one boarding action against an enemy vessel, and the fight is pretty intense for a few minutes there. At least right now, it seems that ranged damage dealers have a distinct advantage, especially if they can attack from round one while the melee guys have to spend a few rounds just getting close enough to strike.
Meanwhile on land, my witch-who-I-can’t-remember is gradually filling out the grassy green area of the map. He does get into a fight with a number of hell hounds that seem to be too much for him, so I signal retreat. The game tells me that I retreated successfully, and then it completely disbanded that army. So, what, retreat is just a fancy suicide option? Why would I retreat at all?
So you know what’s probably not a good idea? Seeing a whirlpool and thinking, “I’ll go in there!” Have to find out what happens, of course. What happens is that I get teleported a short distance to another whirlpool and lose a few troops. Swell.
I love any game in which you can strongarm leprechauns into giving you stuff.h5


I’m glad this initial campaign is pretty relaxed, because I really am just learning all of the mechanics. Today I was really diligent about building up my main (only) city, especially since I wanted a lot of troops for my seasick army. But even as I advanced past two weeks, I didn’t see any of the promised troops appear in the city. It turns out that I have to click on each individual building and recruit them with yummy, yummy gold. I went completely broke when I discovered this, but at least now Christian has a mega-army at his command. Flee before me, thou hounds of hell! For I come with numerically superior firepower!


3 thoughts on “Heroes of Might & Magic III: Mega-army

  1. pkudude99 November 6, 2013 / 1:29 pm

    The melee troops are the strongest overall, but yeah, those rounds of getting picked apart by the ranged mobs while advancing were not fun. That’s why I always made sure to level up my Air Magic to max asap each campaign — Haste is a *wonderful* spell to cast in round 1 of battle, and when you have it maxed it affects all of your troop stacks, not just a single one.

  2. pietr11111 November 6, 2013 / 1:49 pm

    I’m enjoying reading these. I’m going to have to re-play torment after reading your playthrough 🙂

    Regarding heroes 3,from what I remember, surrender lets you pay some money to preserve your army, retreat just saves the hero. Either way, you have to re-recruit them from the tavern at your town.

  3. Balkoth November 11, 2013 / 1:20 pm

    What pietr said. Surrender lets you preserve your army, retreat makes you hero available at the tavern but you lose the army, simply losing means you lose your hero and can’t get them back.

    And versus another opponent (versus the “hostile to all” random monsters) retreating denies them XP.

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