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/AFK: The Stare

stareIt’s Saturday and you’ve got some time to burn!  So here’s things to read while you try to ignore this picture of a man staring at you.

Top Ten Blog Posts This Week

  1. NBI 2 Awards for 2013
  2. This Way to Hollow Earth: Hints of things to come with Halloween 2013 missions?
  3. MMOGC: Sphere of Influence and fun with Worf
  4. I Have Touched the Sky: Halloweekend Follies
  5. ALT:ernative: Ain’t no pleasing you
  6. Nerdy Bookahs: LOTRO’s class changes
  7. Wolfshead Online: Can the return of Alex Afrasiabi save World of Warcraft?
  8. MMO Gypsy: Achievement (hate), exploration and mystery
  9. Herding Cats: The Journey is boring — video games and validation
  10. Cuppyville: In which I defend achievements in MMOs

From Mutant Reviewers

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