Heroes of Might and Magic III: Endgame

(This is part of my journey playing through Heroes of Might and Magic III.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

map1As you can see on the right-hand map, I’m down to the final stretch of territory with  my two armies.  The 41st Warlock Division mops up the remainder of the lower map while the 13th Knight Division forges into the mountain area that’s been previously blocked.  It’s also where the enemy hero has been running around, and I have no idea how tough he is right now.  My plan is for the knight to do his best, but if he fails, the warlock will be picking up one last round of troops before he heads up there too.

This great clash comes much sooner than I anticipated:

map2It’s a tough battle, I won’t lie, but we emerge victorious even though there are plenty of grieving widows in my kingdom tonight.

map3I am the champion of the wooooorld, DUN NUN, and I’ll keep on fiiiiiighting ’till the end!

Not only did we kick his butt, but he dropped all of his artifacts.  I think I ended up with 12 new ones for my trouble.

That doesn’t mean I’m finished, however.  There’s still at least one more enemy hero and a couple cities to conquer.  My warlock rides into the region with a newly bolstered army while my knight finds an underground portal and goes exploring there.

map4My warlock goes ahead and tackles my first city siege at Mirham.  It’s a long, very nasty battle that causes even more attrition than before, but I’ve got the numerical superiority and eventually win the day.  I mean, it’s so long that I put the battle on auto-attack and change a diaper.  Poop and strategy gaming, that’s a terrific pairing.

Our victory is short-lived; the very next turn, yet another enemy hero attacks my weakened army inside Mirham.  At least I have the advantage of walls, but it’s another bloodbath.  Fortunately, my warlock has some sort of resurrection spell, so he keeps rezzing all of my dead griffins.  I end up only losing five troops.

map5My knight has a worse day.  His underground vacation ends up bumping into an enemy with a massive army.  I get trounced and the knight flees the battle and goes back into a tavern.  So I lost all of his troops, but at least I retain his experience.

Instead of wrapping up this scenario, I foresee a harder road ahead.  There are many more enemy armies that I’d anticipated, and both of my armies are holed up in cities and licking their wounds.


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