Heroes of Might and Magic III: Not endgame, apparently

(This is part of my journey playing through Heroes of Might and Magic III.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

end1It never fails in strategy games.  I assume I’m at a point where I’m going to cakewalk to victory, and that’s when the AI comes out of hibernation and starts coming at me, mama grizzly bear-style.  I endure a few attacks while waiting the week out so that I can restock my armies and make an effort to go on the offensive once again.  My only consolation — my hope, really — is that the enemy has become weakened by dashing armies against my walls repeatedly and won’t be a huge challenge.

I move out the warlock division while relocating my knight division to guard Mirham.  Worst case scenario, I lose one army while slowly fortifying the other.

end2I make it through another enemy battle against Medusas and laser eyeballs to arrive at Castle Plinth.  The siege against Castle Plinth begins, a 6-minute affair that is actually pretty lop-sided in my favor.  I’ve got a significant ranged advantage with my marksmen, and my griffins are able to jump over the walls to maul the few defenders.  Because my hero can also rez (which I’m starting to LOVE), I end up winning while taking absolutely no casualties.  Plinth is mine and the enemy is denied another base of operations.

Another week ends, and I reinforce my ranks.  Time to send both armies north.  The path splits, dividing my forces between the snowy north-west and a lush green north-east.  Several turns go by without seeing any more roving enemies, although I do face off against one stationary foe guarding a passageway.

end3No sooner do I type that when an enemy army jukes around mine and goes toward one of my cities.  I think this scenario only lets me have two heroes at a time (I can’t recruit any more right now), so I’m forced to double-back to defend my claim.  I’m not grumpy, though; going down there gives me another opportunity to resupply.  Back north!

end4There isn’t much map left, although I’m aware that there’s that underground passage that remains largely unconquered.  An enemy army somehow sneaks past me and reclaims Castle Plinth, so I start sending my warlock down south to put an end to that nonsense.  Yeah, I think the bad guys are coming up from underground, so there are at least two enemy cities left.

I’m going to have to leave the final (?) push until next time, however.


One thought on “Heroes of Might and Magic III: Not endgame, apparently

  1. Balkoth November 13, 2013 / 6:42 pm

    You can hire far more than two heroes — in fact, your best four heroes will advance to the next stage.

    However, you cannot hire a hero from a town while a hero is already visiting that town. You either need no hero at the town or the hero at the town has to be garrisoned (upper of the two bars).

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