In which I am easily amused

So is having an interesting Fall Insomnia Sale right now, selling limited quantities of games in random order.  For example, it might put up 200 copies of Wing Commander for sale and wait until all 200 copies are sold before going to the next title.  This has an interesting effect, because it’s keeping people glued to the homepage — especially since some free games are sprinkled in there (which are much more limited in quantity and extremely hard to get).  You want to know what game will show up next, and depending on the popularity of the current game, this might change in a matter of seconds or be over an hour.

Out of all of the titles I’ve seen come up on rotation, Jack Keane 2 has become notorious as the game that absolutely no one will buy.  When it shows up, the outpouring of groans on the forums are legendary because everyone knows that it’s going to be hours before even 100 copies are moved of this title.  Oh, it’s some adventure game you never heard of and I never have either.

So there’s been this tongue-in-cheek attempt by posters to try to convince each other that Jack Keane 2 is just the bee’s knees so that others will buy it, talking up the virtues of this game nobody’s played as if it’s just pure awesomeness.  So that’s been making me laugh.

And then Jack Keane  2’s publisher heard about this and popped on the forums with this hilarious note:

“As on Jack Keane 2: Great to see that one of our products published on, is now the most famous title here. You have to understand that it is important for us to get our customers some hours of sleep – 4 hours of sleep per day is the absolute minimum. We are taking care of our fans! Hope you took that chance! 🙂

Have a great day
Your Nordic Games team”

Anyway, I am easily amused.


One thought on “In which I am easily amused

  1. C. T. Murphy November 14, 2013 / 12:29 pm

    I love this sort of stuff. I hope they don’t do it too often, but I think GOG really has a winning formula with this sale.

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