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/AFK: Hoverboards ruuuuule!

hoverboardPlease be aware that if you operate a hoverboard, you’re going to need to wear proper safety equipment.  Also, please be aware that hoverboards don’t work on water… unless you’ve got power.

Top Ten Blog Posts This Week

  1. MMOQuests: 5th Annual Gamers Secret Santa registration has started
  2. Parallel Context: Paging White Wolf, someone is taking your WoD moniker
  3. Player versus Developer: What is Blizzard’s direction?
  4. Inventory Full: The landrush begins!
  5. LOTRO Players: Helm’s Deep class changes, a first look index
  6. Harpy’s Nest: First thoughts on the Warlords of Draenor
  7. GamingSF: Stat complexity, how much is too much?
  8. EverQuest… a legacy of sorts
  9. CSTM: Do MMO publishers want your money?
  10. Contains Moderate Peril: The average LOTRO player

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