Different cars on the MMO train

occupiedShort thoughts on several MMOs this morning!

The Secret World

First of all, hilarious detail in the Mansion scenario that I noticed last night.  In the upstairs survivor room, there’s a little section that they’ve walled off with the sign “Occupied.”  If you look behind there, you’ll see a homemade chamber pot.

Poop jokes!  You’re never too old for them!

We had another good group scenario night running solo and duo elites with full groups.  That feels like a good difficulty balance, especially since we were able to walk away from them with most survivors still standing.  Lots of augment drops too.

I was particularly happy because I got enough oreos to put me over the top for my Tokyo certification.  I guess now I can start saving up for that purple shotgun!

Lord of the Rings Online

As probably everyone knows, Turbine delayed the Helm’s Deep launch until tomorrow.  That sucks a little bit, but oh well, it’s just two days and I know a lot of people still needed to get a pre-order or use their Bounder’s tokens.  It’s not all about me, so if it’s helping others, I’m happy.

I logged in to make a new outfit for my Captain.  Man, I should’ve taken a picture of it.  Oh, coulda woulda shoulda.  It’s awesome.  You’re going to have to imagine it: Think of stuff all over my body except I’m a female and it’s all blue and swirly and there’s a cool cape and some metal.  Got it?


Why is Neverwinter so dang compelling these days?  Maybe it’s just what I needed right now, a stress-free romp through unspoiled content.  I’m cooking up an article about things I’m finding attractive here, but suffice to say that it’s kind of the Cryptic formula: fast leveling, easy entry, and fun little systems.


One thought on “Different cars on the MMO train

  1. tsuhelm November 19, 2013 / 8:06 am

    The Captain outfit sounds intriguing to say the least…screany coming soon I hope 🙂

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