Wasteland: Desert Nomads

(This is part of my journey playing through Wasteland.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

des1The good news that I kick off today’s session is that Beaker got a promotion (i.e. “leveled up”) and got a little more dexterity as a result.  It did make me idly wonder what kind of organization the Desert Rangers are.  I mean, they kind of just threw four people together, armed us, and set us loose with no overriding mission.  We’re just aimless vigilantes, as far as I can see.  And why have promotions?  Do we ever get backup?  Is the entirety of this organization my four guys and this mustache gung-ho general?  I’m overthinking it again, aren’t I.

I do need more XP and levels, so I take away my team’s pistols and run around the desert for a while getting into easy fistfights with iguanas and desert dwellers.  No great loot, but papa needs the experience.

des2We arrive at the Desert Nomad camp, which is not a very friendly area.  We keep getting attacked, so I make a beeline for the caboose.  There I talk with the Brakeman, who gives me a Visa card (?) to deliver to a guy in Quartz.  Quest accepted, dude!

Moving up through the train, I find a hobo, a slot machine, and a trading post.  Strangely, the trading post doesn’t seem to want to buy most of what I’ve got, so I’m stuck with $8 for the time being.

des3Up front is the engineer, who will give some advice if you type in certain key words.  He does say that the Head Crusher in Quartz likes credit cards because he slathers peanut butter on them and eats them (!!), which makes just about as much sense as anything else in this weird game.

des4A guy in a tent gives me a shovel and some treasure hunting instructions to find a cache.  Find it I do — it’s full of grenades, ammo, and money.  Score!

And then I get promptly attacked by several guys.  Score?

des5I find it strangely hilarious that the rail thieves have LAPD hats on them, for two reasons.  One, is this some sort of not-too-subtle social commentary?  And two, since we’re currently east of Las Vegas, how did these ex-cops (I’m presuming) end up here?

Oh.  Rails.

They’re an easy fight and I come out of it three crowbars richer.

des6Not only does this tent have one of the most hilarious and un-subtle attack lines ever (seriously, who says “Fools!” ever?), but I am starting to get the feeling that everyone in this world is out to get me because they’re all raging psychopaths.

des7It’s just the most bizarre fight I’ve ever been in.  For starters, there’s like 15 people in here — men, old people, women, and a “pistol packing baby”.  My fists-only strategy with Animal and Piggy isn’t working well; they’re just not doing any damage, but they lack the clip pistol skill.  So this fight drags on and on and on, with my guys getting pummeled unconscious only to resurrect with one hit point to repeat the process.

So, naturally, I wipe out the entire desert tent-dwelling clan and try not to wonder if these are just rednecks or some sort of Native American representatives.  Because we can just chalk that up to my heroism in this game so far.

Oh well.  At least I got a lot of loot.  And a broken toaster.

3 thoughts on “Wasteland: Desert Nomads

  1. Sylow November 22, 2013 / 4:56 am

    So i guess now you wish you had invested strongly in the toaster repair skill? 😀
    (Yes. It actually exists in the game. )

  2. tsuhelm November 22, 2013 / 5:25 am

    Is this really a game?

    Have you not simply found a way to blog your pixelated surreal imaginings?


  3. Shintar November 22, 2013 / 1:53 pm

    This game just sounds weirder and weirder with every post. You actually made me look it up on Wikipedia just to find out what it’s meant to be about. Apparently the story’s supposed to gain a lot more depth as you go on…

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