Wasteland: Mine Shaft

(This is part of my journey playing through Wasteland.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)

m1Fresh off of our desert nomad killing spree, my team of noble rangers rounds the mountains to go diving into a mine shaft BECAUSE WHY NOT.  I mean, this world map only has about a dozen locations, so I can’t really be picky here.

m2“Something unusual is inside” is my middle name, pard’ner!

So this isn’t one of those rave mine shafts with neon lights and thumping music, but more like one of those dusty claptraps with rubble and stones and piles and… a locked room with a locked chest?  I is intrigued!

Getting in here isn’t that hard, as my trusty crowbar opens the door and then cranks open the chest.  I find four gas masks inside, which is completely coincidental considering that I have four teammates.  Who would’ve thought?

m3I do putter around the mine for a while, but there’s no quest in here.  It’s just a random encounter dungeon, for all intents and purposes, and without a reliable way to heal my team up to full after every battle, it’s not worth it to stay.  I’m very aware of how few clips of ammo I have for my pistol users, so endless combat will eventually leave me weaker.

There are a couple of bright spots to this quick excursion, however.  First, two of my characters are promoted and get a couple of skill points apiece.  Second, I just now realize that my brawling skill works with melee weapons, so Animal and Piggy ditch their fists (so to speak) and equip a sledge hammer and axe respectively.  As such, we’re kicking butt all over the place.  Yo Drools, it’s time to take you to school…s!


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