Wasteland: Savage Village

(This is part of my journey playing through Wasteland.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lanes page.)


It’s time to get armed and dangerous.  That’s right, kids, it’s time for another massacre!  Because that’s all the post-apocalyptic wasteland is, an endless string of massacres.  So let’s pop over to the savage village and see what the locals have to “donate” to our righteous cause.

To get there, I had to cross the river.  I accidentally stepped into the river itself instead of the bridge, sending me on a three-minute journey downstream as the game continually told me that my characters were getting banged up and couldn’t swim.  Darn it, I knew I should’ve looted the floaties off of those kids I killed in the wigwam.  Maybe a swim noodle.  In any case, we survive and head to this village out in the desert.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… no. I will not be dropping any weapons. Thanks for asking, though.

I won’t lie: This fight is brutally hard.  What we’re doing here is skipping the normal order of progression in Wasteland to go to a town a little further along in the game so that I can collect assault rifles (which my team is quite proficient in using).  The logic is a hard fight now might equal many easier fights down the road.

It takes about four reloads before I can finish off the first wave of seven desert scavs and loot their corpses for two assault rifles.  Oh yeah, baby.  Here we go!

Ammo is a concern, however.  I have a lot of .45 and 9mm clips, but no 7.62mm clips that the rifles require.  This means that whatever ammo is in these rifles is what I got until I find or buy more.  At least I have the axe and sledge hammer as backup.

bonkWondering why I haven’t done more Wasteland posts this week?  It’s because this map is so freaking tedious.  Because I still don’t have good protection for my team, fights can go really bad really quickly.  So there’s a LOT of reloading involved, a LOT of do-overs with fights, and a LOT of retreating back to the world map to heal up (seriously, could there not be a better way to heal in this game?).  I keep at it, pushing through a second group of scavs and getting my third assault rifle.

Also, I run into a wall because that’s how awesome I am.

ammoAw yeah, it’s the ammo hut!  Papa needs his ammo, yes he does.

And there is quite a bit of ammo here — 9 clips of each of the three types that I’ve encountered in the game.  My team stocks up and I equip Piggy with an Uzi because when I was a kid I thought Uzis were the coolest gun ever.  They’re so 80s iconic.  Plus, sub-machine guns use the non-assualt rifle clips, so I definitely need a character on that.

The chest in the room is a little tricky, since it’s trapped with poison dust.  I use Piggy’s bomb disarm skill to get around that and loot a few more goodies inside.

North of the ammo shack is the gun shack, again with nobody inside.  I help myself to a few pistols, an assault rifle, and a couple of LAW rockets (!).  Yes, I am now officially packing.

And that’s about it for savage village (I declined to kill the woman and her kids at the well.  Consider me going soft in my elder years).  All in all, it took about two hours of loading and trial-by-error combat to get through here, but at least I’m leaving with a ton of guns and ammo.  NRA convention, here I come!

3 thoughts on “Wasteland: Savage Village

  1. tsuhelm December 6, 2013 / 11:40 am

    An amoral NRA convention…

  2. HarbingerZero December 7, 2013 / 2:39 pm

    My cousin used to have a shirt in the 80’s that said “Uzi Does It.” I can’t help but picture it on one of the characters in this game.

  3. Sylow December 9, 2013 / 10:08 am

    What a murder to a peaceful village, just to get some assault rifles. You could’ve checked out the old missile bunker at Needles. As far as i remember, you only run into a bunch of radioactive mutants there, which are not that hard a fight, but can bring home some assault rifles, too.

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