King’s Quest II: Enter… the DRACULA

(This is part of my journey playing through King’s Quest II: Romancing the Throne.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

asd1Two doors down, one to go!  Geez, why is everything in video games always about the threes?

So it’s time to face my destiny, and by that I mean “cross the poisoned lake by any means necessary.”  Fortunately, I have my magic carpet which… no, that’s gone.  Hm.  Well, at least I have the favor of a winged steed who owes me a big… what?  He left?  But couldn’t King Neptune… no?  Fine.  I’ll pay this stupid boatman.  Hey Death, how’s it hanging?

Actually, in a happy twist, the cloak-and-ring combo I’m sporting has “fooled” the boatman into thinking I’m “someone else.”  Uh… who exactly?  A renaissance fair groupie?  Whatever, he gives me a free ride across the lake to the castle in the yonder distance there.

asd2Poison!  My one weakness!  Oh King’s Quest II, you are a clever one.

But will your cleverness be able to withstand… MY MAGICAL SUGAR CUBE?

No, I think not.  I’ll be passing these brambles now, thank you.

asd3“This situation looks bad” is my middle name.  My last name is Jones.  So, to recap, Graham This Situation Looks Bad Jones.  That’s me!

Please, gentle readers, do not be frightened by the terrifying images above.  Hold my hand and we’ll get through it… together.  I guess my disguise fools them too, because they go away. Drat.  Thought there was going to be an awesome Ghostbusters easter egg here.

asd4So here I am, just kickin’ it up in Dracula’s castle.  Because, really, why wouldn’t Dracula be neighbors with a Christian monk, Red Riding Hood, and King Neptune?  WHY ISN’T SOMEBODY MAKING A SITCOM OUT OF THIS GAME?

asd5I’m going to fast-forward through some of the more boring adventure game bits in Dracula’s castle, such as navigating a circular staircase, finding a candle, lighting the candle, going down more stairs, stealing ham, etc.  Long story short, here’s Dracula.  He’s sleeping.  I’m going to kill him ten ways from Sunday.

asd6Woo!  I am the champion… of the wooooorld!  Buffy has nothing on me.

Here’s where the game gets tricky.  I grab that key, but I have to look back into the coffin, take out the pillow, and find yet another key.  Two keys here.  I can’t imagine just grabbing one and then wandering around the game like a fool with no idea where the other one is.

I’m really not a fan of Dracula’s castle.  For one thing, there are just way too many stairs going on here, and you can fall off of just about all of them.  Before I leave, I climb up to another tower, unlock a chest, and find… a tiara.

A tiara?

A tiara!

Sorry, that had to be done.


One thought on “King’s Quest II: Enter… the DRACULA

  1. isabellawolgoth December 26, 2013 / 10:54 am

    I admire your quest. I’m afraid I was never good at such things like King’s Quest; however, Ultima 7, well now, that brings back a smile. And fast forward to me now….I’ve been brain washed by my Xbox. Thanks for reminding of the era when games would crush you:)

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