Best of Bio Break 2013: Events

bestThe Best of Bio Break 2013 is a series of “end of the year” lists that talk about various forms of entertainment that I enjoyed this year.  They’re not awards, but they are ranked.  Each entry doesn’t have to be something that came out this year, but merely something I encountered this year.

In real-life, it was a pretty tame year for me.  Lots of busyness, of course, but no major changes or new babies or anything like that.  In fact, where my real life and my geeky/blogging/MMO life overlapped, I can only think of three major events:

1. Starting up Battle Bards

I had been wanting to do an MMO music podcast since late 2012, although I kept telling myself that I didn’t have the time for it.  What I knew is that for the podcast to be what I envisioned, I’d have to learn how to put together a podcast myself instead of relying on others to do that for me.  So I did just that and reached out to fellow MMO-music fans Steff and Syl to see if they’d like to co-host a review roundtable show with me.  Tesh agreed to create our graphics, of which I’m still grateful.  With everyone on board, it took a couple of months of preparations until we launched our first show.

I love doing Battle Bards, I really do.  If you’ve listened to the show then you know it’s a labor of love for the three of us.  We acknowledge that our potential listening audience is small, but those who love video game soundtracks and MMO soundtracks in particular can be quite passionate about it.  Through trial and error we’ve figured an efficient way to coordinate schedules and show planning, and our once-a-month recording sessions are something we all look forward to doing.  So it’s been a great ride so far and we can’t wait to share with you what’s planned for 2014’s episodes!

2. Wrapping up Too Long; Didn’t Listen

As I had one podcast on the rise, another one vanished.  Dodge and I had been doing TLDL for a little over a year, but real life intervened and he needed to take a break from podcasting.  Fair enough, we had a good run, and TLDL then got passed on to a new team over at MMO Reporter.

3. Going to PAX

I don’t think I did any conventions in 2012 and I was starting to miss them, so I made the effort to do PAX Prime this year.  Doing a convention as media is a lot of work — tons of running around, doing interviews, sticking to a schedule, and writing as quick as kittens — so it’s not the laid-back fan experience that attendees have.  However, it’s also pretty fun in its own way, since you get to cut the line in spots, get direct access to developers and parties, and meet other people in the industry.  I couldn’t stay for the entire thing, but the trip was a positive one and I had Rubi’s family to thank for housing me for the duration of it.


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